Wednesday 2 March 2016

D.B. Woodside Would Love To Play Green Lantern

D.B. Woodside has voiced out his interest in playing Green Lantern in the upcoming slate of big-screen DC comic book adaptations, particularly in the standalone Green Lantern Corps movie slated for very far away on June 19, 2020.

Woodside decided to wear a Green Lantern-inspired T-shirt at Comic Con last year in an attempt to grab DC’s attention, which apparently hasn’t worked quite well yet, although the company is arguably still pretty far out from casting the cosmic character. He recently spoke with CBR to explain his history and love of the superhero saying “The whole series and the characters have always been one of my favorites. I grew up as a comic-book guy, so I love these characters. We’re living in a superhero bubble right now that I am hoping will never burst. And, maybe I was wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt because I’m trying to get into the minds over at DC as they are looking for their Green Lantern. ‘Open up and take a look at some others out here in Los Angeles.’ That was my cheeky way of trying to influence them”.

The actor might not be on the big screen too often, but Woodside is currently summarizing a comic book character on FOX’s adaptation of the Vertigo comic Lucifer. On that show, he plays the archangel Amenadiel, who berates the titular character for leaving Hell to have a vacation in Los Angeles and become a crime solving deity. 

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