Tuesday 1 March 2016

Story Tuesday: The Virgin (Season Two Episode 3)

Okay, three weeks ago we started the second season the our Story Tuesday story titled The Virgin, If you missed last episode please click Story Tuesday: The Virgin (Season Two, Episode 2). Read season two,episode 3 below

Abayomi spent one more day in Benin before he left and he had tried calling Marie T so that he could see her before he left but she didn't pick his call and that was how he left without saying good bye. Marie T couldn’t pick the call because she didn't even know what to say to him, she knew if she picked the call she would be force to tell him that Kessie lied about the whole thing and she knew that wasn't going to help her if truly she wanted Abayomi and Kessie back together.
On his way to back to Lagos, Abayomi was seated in the front seat of the bus he had boarded and next to him was this beautiful looking girl who by the way was very chatty as she made sure she chatted with him even though at first he didn't seem interested but as the journey went on he had no choice than to keep talking. The conversation started when Abayomi brought out his Ipad to browse, the girl said “I am sorry to bother you but please can you borrow me your Ipad, I just want to quickly check my mail pleaseeeee”. He felt very reluctant but trying to be a gentleman he gave her the Ipad and that was how the conversation started to get deep and interesting. 

The girl told Abayomi what was in the mail she was trying to check and he was surprise that she could tell him such thing but when the girl said “I know a good guy when I see one that why I told you what I just did, normally I don't act like this with people that I don't know or just met for the first time, so my question is this, would you give a poor girl like me a good advice? And just like that they chatted from Benin to Lagos.

He got to his house around 7:30pm and without settling down just dropping his bag, he called Anayo and they met up for drink.

Anayo: Oh boy see parol na you flex pass ooooo, e be like say your disappointment with Kessie don turn blessing for you. I mean you bang Marie T and got hook with another girl on your back.

Abayomi: Guy na wa for you so na wetin you grab for everything wey I don tell you see morning be this?.

Anayo: What were you expecting me to do?, cry for you hahahaha, ogbeni didn't I tell you back then when you started and you were forming lover boy?, forming faithful but hey on the bright side your virgin girlfriend is a lesbian meaning you have two girls to bang, gosh I envy you hahahahahahaha.

Abayomi: You dey craze two girls ko 10 girls ni. I am confused about the matter, I really love her, you know I was even planning of proposing to her, how could I have been so blind?

Anayo: Well I can tell you, you were fooled by a lesbian virgin, as e be say you never straff one before hahahahahahaha. Okay make I dey serious small, wetin you dey plan do now?

Abayomi: Honestly I don't know, I actually told her it was over and even though she has been trying to call me, I haven’t picked her call, I still have feelings for her.

Anayo : What about Marie T and the girl you said was into you?, what her name again?

Abayomi: Tawio

Anayo: Yes Taiwo, would you be seeing her again and Marie T is she going to be your friend with benefits or just like you normally do once you have a sex with a girl you date them, are you going to date her because I know you have already asked her out.

Abayomi: Well I haven’t had sex with Tawio so her case no to bother me, na Marie T matter be the koko, she said she can’t date me because I have dated Kessie plus she has a boyfriend.

Anayo: No be say you go hear my advice but I would say you should try your luck with Tawio and just forget Marie T because trust me if you get involve with her na just another double wahala for your dead body

Abayomi: Hmmm, Tawio seems like a nice girl though but I am not sure I am ready for any serious relationship because somewhere in my heart I still believe there is hope for me and Kessie.

Anayo: Mumu who dey follow you talk serious relationship?, chop and clean mouth like you normally do before you met this Kessie girl who come turn you to mumu say na love you love

As Abayomi was about to reply Anayo his phone rang and when he saw the caller it was Kessie, as the phone rang again he showed Anayo the screen to see who was calling and when he saw it he said “pick am make your hear wetin she won talk, maybe she don ready give you toto.

Watch out for the next episode, meanwhile what do you think about Taiwo? Do you remember her from previous episodes?

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