Tuesday 1 March 2016

Awkward Moments From The 2016 Oscars

It is no longer news that the 88th Annual Academy Awards which is popularly known as the Oscars were held on Sunday night and Chris Rock rocked the event from start to finish, as Rock addressed the #OscarsSoWhite controversy with poignancy while also going after it with hard humour.

Well for those of you that missed it, we have decided to bring to you some few awkward moments everybody that saw the awards can’t stop talking about and here they are in no particular order.  

1. The Camera Movements
Whether they were panning or zooming, the camera movements were sometimes dizzying. Take Eddie Redmayne presenting the Best Actress category the camera just couldn't keep still and instead had to revolve around The Danish Girl star in order to see all the nominees in the background.

2. The Animated Segments
Disney-Pixar will forever be the masters of weaseling its way into our hearts through its characters, but sometimes enough is enough. We love a good cameo from Buzz Lightyear and Woody, but it just went on too long. The Minions also made far too many appearances, enough for us to say, OK we get it. Just announce the winner.

3. Music Selection
We get the orchestra was trying to play classic movie hits, but the idea of hearing the Indiana Jones theme song to welcome Vice President Joe Biden made no sense at all.

4. The Thank-You Chyron
The Academy introduced a scroll at the bottom of the screen with the names of people a winner would like to thank in the hopes of shortening up winners' speeches. But instead it looked like a breaking news ticker and took away from the show's classiness. Plus, it didn't even shorten the speeches, as everyone seemed to receive the musical cue to get off the stage except Leonardo DiCaprio.

5. Jacob Tremblay's Presentation
Now this was awkward in the most adorable way possible. The 9years old Room star was too short for the microphone, so no one could hear him when he started to speak. Fortunately, Rock got ahold of some wooden platforms that Tremblay could stand on and present with ease. "I'm a good person!" Rock shouted as he ran off the stage.

6. Sarah Silverman's Introduction Of Best Song Nominee
She somehow started out strong but then took a turn and started talking about James Bond's penis, or something like that. She made a joke that he wasn't a grower or a shower.

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