Wednesday 2 March 2016

The Five Female Sex Sins That Ruin Your Love Life

Women are wonderful creatures in many ways but they are also capable of winding their selves into frothing, paranoid panics about things that really shouldn’t matter and never is this more the case than when they are talking about sex.

Sex taps into their most secret, inner fears, which is why it has the power to completely throw them when we should be confident. All of the following sex sins have the potential to destroy your sex life yet all are easily fixed.

1.      You Never Initiate Sex
If you always wait for your partner to instigate sex, you are seriously missing out. Power is a huge turn-on and nothing feels sexier than being the one unzipping the trousers and promising the earth in return for having your wicked way. Initiating sex when you don’t usually, can zip-start the most sluggish libido.

Your partner’s pleasantly taken off guard, you get a buzz from being in the power position. Make the first move as often as possible and keep having sex even when you don’t really feel like it. Human beings are creatures of habit our bodies thrive on routine because it keeps things simple in a complex world. Have a chocolate bar every day after lunch and within three or four days, buying and eating one will become automatic your body will wait for that sugary carb rush. By setting up a craving cycle and having regular orgasms, your body will expect its quota of sex.

2.      You Are Not Willing To Try New Things
Your partner wants you to dress up as a waitress and balance a cocktail tray on his bits? Lick candy pudding from his navel? Pretend to be an alien kidnapped by a very curious earthling who finds him oddly attractive?  So long as no one is being hurt physically or emotionally and it doesn’t become a must-have, aim to be a healthily adventurous just about anything goes girl.

Nothing kills a sex life faster than a partner who refuses to push themselves out of their sexual comfort zone. If every time he suggests something new, you refuse, you’re sending a clear signal: your pleasure and needs aren’t important to me. Judge him for suggesting something ‘bad’ or ‘shocking’ and you virtually guarantee he’ll never suggest doing anything vaguely interesting ever again.

Try to adopt this motto: assuming it’s a request that isn’t going to hurt you physically or emotionally and if you have no real moral objections to what your partner wants to try but just don’t fancy it, try it once. If you would rather stick pins in your eyeballs than even attempt it, try to recapture the spirit of what he’s suggesting or come up with someone else new you’d like to try. It’s nearly always a desire for variety that’s driving his request.

3.      Being Squeamish About Sex
Oral sex is how most people have their most intensive orgasms. This means overcoming any misgivings so you’re not approaching his bits with your nose crinkled up and an ‘Ewww!’ expression on your face. By all means be savvy and jump on him after he’s had a shower but be graciously enthusiastic when you’re doing His Favourite Thing rather than act like it’s a massive favour.

4.      You Don’t Know Your Own Body
Most women have their first orgasm solo because, unlike men, orgasm for them isn’t an easy process and they need to teach themselves how to do it. While most boys are struggling to control embarrassing, impromptu erections most girls are doing quite the opposite. They are locked away in a darkened room, trying to figure out what buttons to press and when to make something happen and desperately hoping our flatmate doesn’t barge in before it does. Frustrating yes, but ultimately worth it: 95% of women who masturbate, can orgasm that way.

In fact, if you’re a female who has never masturbated, it’s extremely likely you’ve never had an orgasm in your life. If you’re not as orgasmic as you’d like to be, put the effort in now to work out why. Experiment with different masturbation techniques and touches until you hit on some that are consistently successful and partner friendly. Pay attention during sex: be aware of what you’re enjoying, what’s not so nice. Think about past sex sessions, old lovers and fantasies about new ones until you’re confident you have a clear map of your individual sexual response system in your head.

5.      You Get Embarrassed Easily
One minute you are groaning and moaning with unbridled lust, the next another, less erotic, noise joins in. Who hasn’t turned on the lights to discover something has arrived early and the bed looks like a battlefield?

Highly amusing but embarrassing sex stories abound for good reason. You are dealing with something which forces you to get up close and personal with someone else and that means there’s very little you can get away with. Garlic, giggles, smelly breath and bits, orificies which start ‘talking’ all of their own accord there are so many potential disasters in any sexual encounter, you’d have to avoid doing anything at all if you want to stay looking suave and cool.

Do everyone a favour - give up now, relax and enjoy!

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