Tuesday 5 April 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Virgin (Season Two, Episode 8) #TheVirgin

Okay, some weeks ago we started the second season the our Story Tuesday story titled The Virgin, If you missed last episode please click Story Tuesday: The Virgin (Season Two, Episode 7). Read season two,episode 8 below

There was no hello or hi or even good afternoon from him, immediately he opened the door and he saw Kessie the first thing he said was “what the hell are you looking for, are you lost or something?” Kessie still tried to play it cool by ignoring his comment as she said “good afternoon I........” but that was all she got to say before Abayomi cut her short.
Abayomi: What is good about the afternoon, is Jesus Christ around or has the federal government decided to give us free electricity? Please if you don't want to see the other side of me just leave my house right now

Kessie: Really Abayomi is this how you are going to treat me?, so much for you saying you love me, I know I hurt you and I am sorry for that but at least don't I deserve the right to explain myself?

Abayomi: You don't deserve anything from me, plus what do you want to explain, that it was the devil or probably it was a mistake. I don't want to hear anything you have to say because I am heading out right now, so just respect yourself and leave now

Kessie: I am not going anywhere until I explain myself to you and if you like go out I don't care I would remain here till you get back and hear my side of the story

Immediately she said this, she brought out a scarf from the bag she was carrying and was about laying it on the floor when Abayomi asked “and what are you trying to do?”

Kessie: Like I said I would wait here till you get back, so I want to wait

God na which kind wahala be this?, why today? “he said as he stares at her for some minutes before he finally said “okay come in but you have just 20mins to explain yourself

As they both took their seat and Kessie was about to talk when Abayomi’s phone rang and as he saw the caller he said “really today of all days na him you decide to call me”. He didn't pick the call the first time it rang but when it rang the second time he picked it and said please let's chat on bbm I am in a noisy place and he ended  the call. And just when he thought they were good to go, his phone rang again but this time as he saw the name of the caller he stood up and headed towards the door as he picked the call. After five minutes he came back and said “you have 10 minutes more

Kessie: That's your new girlfriend abi?, that's why you didn't want to pick in front of me?

Abayomi: I don't have a new girlfriend, so what if I have self, no be she say make you break my heart

Kessie: I didn't mean to break your heart Ab, I love you so much and I would always love you if you can just give me the chance to show you that,

Abayomi: I already gave you the chance but you decided to allow a finger come in between. Look I am not even going to do this with you, you said you wanted to explain yourself do it and go

Kessie: Fine I would but before I do just know that you are the first guy I would ever love with the whole of my heart. The truth is I was a lesbian from the onset and I have never had sex with any guy before but when I met you I feel in love with you and I didn't want to lose you that was why I told you that I was a virgin, that way I knew you weren’t going to have sex with me at least not till I say I am already

Why didn't you tell me from the beginning? He asked as he was now feeling sorry for her but all that changed when Marie T pinged him. As Kessie continued to explain why she couldn’t tell him about the fact that she was a lesbian from the onset, he was having this conversation with Marie T on bbm.

Marie Tee: Where are you that you couldn’t pick my call?

#GodBlessAbayomi: I am in a bus, what’s up with you? You remember me today

Marie Tee: Honestly I have always thought about you, just that I was scared of talking to you because I was afraid I might say what I wasn't suppose to say

#GodBlessAbayomi: So I guess you aint afraid anymore that's why you call abi?

Marie Tee: The truth is I need someone to talk to and at the moment you are the only one I can turn to. Sarah didn't sleep home and I heard Kessie has gone to Lagos which reminds me, have you seen her?

#GodBlessAbayomi: Nope I haven’t though she did sent me a text that she would be coming that why I am heading home

(Kessie's conversation continues) Kessie: so that was why I didn't tell you and for that I am truly sorry

Abayomi: Look you not telling me you are a lesbian is one thing and that I can forgive but you lying to me that you are a virgin then catching you cheating on me is another thing and that I am not sure I can forgive (he said after taking his eyes away from his phone as Marie Tee was typing)

Kessie: I know this my might sound weird but technically I didn't cheat on you, I know it only feels that way because I told you I was a virgin but look at it this way, I didn't have sex with a guy neither am I in love with another guy, the thing with Sarah was just a mistake

As Abayomi was about to reply her, Marie Tee messaged him so he took a few second to read the message before he replied

Marie Tee (on bbm): Since we are talking about Kessie let me just tell you what I didn't want to tell you before, when I got back to the hostel the other day I met her crying and when I asked her why she lied to me about her and Sarah, instead she told me that she was raped

Immediately he saw this message he had a feeling that everything Kessie was saying since morning was a lie and that was when he remember what Anayo said about three p***ies.

Abayomi: So you are saying because you didn't have sex with a guy but with a girl I shouldn’t count that as cheating abi?

Kessie: Yes

Abayomi: Okay then, no wahala I hear you, in fact I am ready to forgive you but on one condition

Kessie: You mean forgive me, like forgive me and we continue to date

Abayomi: Yes that's what I mean and this is my condition, I would have to have sex with you and Sarah.

Kessie: What! That can’t be possible, that would be you cheating on me

Abayomi: Technically I won’t be cheating on you I would be cheating with you because we shall be having sex with the same girl. Plus don't even look at it like that, just see it as me and you doing stuff together shebi na so relationship suppose be?

Ab you know too well I can’t do that” she said as Abayomi was typing this to Marie Tee on bbm “rape ke, by whom?

Kessie: Ab I am disappointed in you how would you say such a thing, what do you take me for? a slut or what?, you want to have threesome with me and my friend, come on Ab you better than this.

Abayomi: Oh so it is okay to have sex with your friend but it is not okay for me to have sex with her.  Look I am not even going to do this with you if you want my forgiveness then you would meet my condition.

It was after he said this that he took a look at his phone again and that was when he saw everything Marie Tee had typed down about what happened that night when she got home and how Kessie had also plan of breaking up with him but all that didn't really concern him much. What got his attention was where Marie Tee also told him that she caught her boyfriend cheating and she doesn’t know what to do.

Look you have explained yourself and I have told you what to do if you truly want my forgiveness, can you take your leave now? because I have somewhere important to be” he said as he stood up from the chair he was seated. And as they both went out he continued his chat with Marie T.

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