Sunday 29 May 2016

Chris Evans Weighs In On Controversial Captain America Comic Book Twist

Ed Brubaker has asked fans to stop contacting him on Twitter with their complaints and Captain America: Civil War star Chris Evans has also decided to weigh in on the decision to take the hero in this controversial direction.

Whether the actor is just poking fun at the situation or genuinely mad and/or shocked at Marvel’s decision to out Captain America as a bad guy is hard to say, but with the publisher confirming that this version of Steve Rogers isn’t a clone, imposter, or under some sort of spell, this appears to be the character’s new status quo moving forward.

Does this mean we’ll end up seeing the big screen version of Captain America go down a similarly villainous path? Probably not. Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios are two separate entities, and chances are they won’t adapt a story which has caused so much outrage.


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