Sunday 19 June 2016

Adrian Chase Joins Arrow Season 5

The cast of Arrows fifth season continues to grow, and with the hero’s team now disbanded, yet another vigilante has been added to the CW series. His name? Well, it’s a little on the nose: The Vigilante! Before he takes on that moniker though, Josh Segarra will play Adrian Chase, Star City’s new district attorney who will serve as an ally to Mayor Oliver Queen.

The actor is best known for starring in Chicago P.D., but he’s also made appearances in the likes of Sirens and Trainwreck. Now, he’s set to have a recurring role in Arrow‘s fifth season.
In the comic books, Chase became Vigilante as a means to fight crime outside of his official jurisdictions. He used non lethal methods at first, but his mental health deteriorated and he became a killer, something the Green Arrow is sure to take umbrage with if the show follows a similar path.

Whether or not he’ll suit up remains to be seen, but it seems likely as this would be a pretty interesting new type of story for Arrow to tackle. The show is in desperate need of some freshening up after two disappointing seasons, and with Wild Dog also on his way to Star City, it definitely looks like Arrow‘s fifth outing will be shaking up the status quo.


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