Wednesday 15 June 2016

Brad Peyton Will Direct James Wan’s Malignant Man

James Wan has finally found a director to helm the big screen adaptation of Malignant Man, which is based on a comic book that he co-created. The man for the job seems to be San Andreas Brad Peyton, who reports has come aboard the sci-fi/action project, with Wan acting as producer.

From what we understand, Malignant Man focuses on a man named Alex Gates who’s dying of a terminal disease. However, just as he’s accepted his fate, he learns that his malignant tumor is actually a mysterious alien parasite. Now with some incredible powers and a renewed purpose, Gates is tasked with fighting a secret army lurking behind the veils of society while also peeling

With a director now in place, we should start hearing about a cast for Malignant Man very soon.


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