Thursday 9 June 2016

Gotham Cast Discuss Season 3

DC All Access recently caught up with several series regulars to discuss where they would like to see their characters go in the third season, along with which villains that have yet to be utilized they hope to see show up. It’s certainly no secret that the Batman mythos has an absurdly deep well to tap in that regard.

The first to give a most interesting response was that of Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma. At this point, his character pretty much is The Riddler sans the stylized green suit, so it makes sense that he had the following to say “My absolute dream would be at some point to meet Query and Echo. Not knowing who they are, but meeting them because, like, that would be awesome to have sidekicks one day and know who they are

David Mazouz, Bruce Wayne himself, was the next to be questioned and actually commented on the evil Bruce Wayne we saw at the end of the season finale and here’s what he said about getting to play two characters. He said “It’s so much fun being able to play a completely different role… this person is not an evil Bruce Wayne. He’s a different person

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