Sunday 20 November 2016

How to travel around Nigeria in 7 days

Feeling adventurous and have seven days to spare? Why not travel around Nigeria?! From the north, east, west to the south, the country is engorged with beautiful and remarkable cities (some untouched by democracy, scandal or progress), rich history, ancient art, enthralling and age-caressed landscapes, delicious food, delightful cultures and generally, fascinating, friendly people; all certain to make your trip a life changing one

Nigeria may be referred to as the giant of Africa, however, its geographical size is far from being regarded as the largest in the continent. Traveling the entire country in those few days can be a breeze, especially with the help of all the technology that is now available to us in this jet age. All you need is careful planning and we have tips to help you achieve this daring feat that sure to be bring life-long memories.

Before you set out on your trip, you need to ensure the timing is perfect for the selected areas. While different destination in the country have varied weather conditions, they usually all experience the two seasons: the dry and the wet season. The dry season usually spans from September to March while the rainy or wet season stars from late March and ends early September. Dry season would be the best time to embark on this trip as there is a very slim chance of being delayed by unfavorable weather. Also, most of the festivals around the country are held during the dry season, so you can seize the opportunity and experience them as well.

It is impossible to visit every nook in the country, even if you have more than seven days. Before you set out on the journey, make a list of all the prominent sites within the country, the different cultures and settlements and research on them .Afterward select the most the options that seem feasible and make your plans around them. While selecting key areas to visit, check your budget and consider accessibility: are there mapped out roads? Is there free entry? Try not to cramp your list as doing so will probably just leave you stressed out and largely unsatisfied as you might not cover everything on the list in seven days as intended.

While Nigeria is not as large as some other countries in Africa, it is still a large expanse and you will be covering quite a distance. It is best to use flights rather than land transport options as they will cut out the extra time on the road. Find out the cities on your list that have airports and plan your transportation schedule in such a way that you can accommodate more flights than bus rides. A perk of flying is that you get to enjoy the aerial view of a city before you touch down. For instance, you cannot really understand why Ibadan is called the red roof city until you have enjoyed an aerial view.
Like they say, there are many ways to kill a rat, and likewise, there are many routes to which you can connect to the different municipalities in Nigeria. It is important to research the best routes to navigate the country and to do that, you need to put certain things into consideration. Where would be your starting point? What landmarks and iconic attractions around the country are you essentially determined to explore? How accessible are the different locations pinned down on your list?  Where are the short cuts? Answering these question gives you a better idea on how to plan. It is also important to study the layout of the country as well as the destinations you intend to tour.

You have only got seven days and a lot of places to cover, you certainly do not have the luxury of sleeping in or whiling away time in a hotel. Manage your time effectively and catch up on sleep while in transit, either on the flight or on the bus. In order not to miss certain exciting sights on the way or essential stops, it may be advisable to time your movements or at best, ask a traveling companion to wake you up at intervals. Adventurous travelers understand the thrill that come with times explorations and usually enjoy this kind of trips the most.

The best way to enjoy traveling Nigeria in seven days is by staying optimistic. Optimism boosts a good state of mind and usually ensure that everything becomes an adventure! Be prepared for eventualities, and tackle every challenge with glee. Ask for advice from locals where needed and keep an open mind while experiencing the different cultures.

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