Thursday 5 January 2017

Batman Villain Talia Al Ghul Will Play A Key Role In Arrow

Arrow hasn’t shied away from borrowing elements from the world of Batman in the past, and next up for The CW series is Talia al Ghul. We’ve already met her father and sister, and it was earlier on in season 5 that we first learned she helped train Oliver and may have also taught Prometheus how to fight.

Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed that Talia is going to be a crucial part of the mystery surrounding the identity of Prometheus. She doesn’t elaborate beyond that, but considering the fact that whoever’s beneath the mask tracked her down for help, she obviously knows who he really is. Whether or not Talia will tell Oliver that information remains to be seen, especially as we have no idea just how well the two get on.

Mericle also commented on the mystery surrounding Lauren Lance’s return, and while a promo spoiled the fact that it’s not the original Black Canary, it sounds like there may be more to that than meets the eye. Apparently, her reappearance is “a very welcome surprise… But there will be… whatever the reverse of a ‘silver lining’ is… when [Oliver] finds out what’s really going on. It will have a lot of emotional resonance, particularly for him and Felicity.”

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