Thursday 5 January 2017

Cryptic New Poster For The Walking Dead

When The Walking Dead returns on February 12th, it’s pretty obvious that none of the characters will be safe. After all, Negan is still on the warpath and as Rick Grimes looks to unite the various communities to take down the Saviors, you have to believe that at least a few more fan-favorites could end up on the wrong end of Lucille.

This cryptic new teaser poster for the second half of season 7 points to at least one more casualty when The Walking Dead returns to AMC next month. If you ask us, one of the likeliest candidates has got to be Sasha. That’s because Sonequa Martin-Green was recently cast in Star Trek: Discovery, so just like Heath has vanished because Corey Hawkins landed the lead role in 24: Legacy, there’s a very good chance that the actress will also be written out of The Walking Dead.

If there’s one thing that we’ve come to learn from the series, though, it’s that no one is safe, so trying to predict who might be next to go is damn near impossible. Regardless of who the unlucky person may be, this photo teases something very grim on the horizon, and that alone should be enough to ensure that we all tune in when The Walking Dead returns in a little over a month from now.

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