Thursday 23 March 2017

Ghostbusters Reboot Cost Too Much - Ivan Reitman

Last year’s Ghostbusters reboot was unfairly shunned by a very vocal pocket of Internet trolls, after mustering a relatively modest $230 million worldwide, it’s no secret that Paul Feig’s soft reboot has left the franchise in a precarious place.

A lack of momentum can be attributed to the sheer cost of Paul Feig’s effects-laden blockbuster, according to series stalwart Ivan Reitman, who recently conceded that all involved were hoping for a bigger hit. Not only that, but after a 30-year hiatus, 2016’s Ghostbusters cost too much…and that’s the real issue,” according to Ivan Reitman.
He said “We certainly would’ve loved to have a larger hit. But considering the last film was almost 30 years ago, it really did extremely well. I think the film cost too much, frankly, and that’s the real issue. I personally had other points of view in terms of where the film should go and it was kind of a continuous conversation with Paul [Feig, director] about that. But Paul was the filmmaker on this one and he’s a very talented director. I wanted to give him enough room to do the film he thought it should be.”

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as Ivan Reitman is beginning to piece together a Ghostbusters animated movie, one which may light up theaters as early as 2019. Animated films are a tricky butterfly to pin, as Reitman candidly admitted to io9, but that hasn’t curbed his enthusiasm to fire up the proton pack once again.

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  1. "unfairly shunned by a very vocal pocket of Internet trolls" Unfairly? Did you even see the movie? It was horrible in almost every way. It in no way comes close to the 1st movie & is even less interesting than the 2nd. Hopefully any future movies do not have anything to do with this horrid movie.


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