Wednesday 19 April 2017

Old Artiste Are No Longer Relevant Because They Tried Moving With The Trend -Sound Sultan

Naija Ninja founder, Sound Sultan has given his opinion to why he thinks some old artiste who started the game long ago are no longer relevant in the music scene these days.

The multitalented musician, who recently released his seventh studio album titled Out Of The Box, said the most of the old artiste in the Nigerian music industry are no longer relevant because most of them tried moving with the trend of time and that affected them greatly.

He said “most of the old artiste tried to change as the trend were changing and in that process they lost touch of their root. Of course you need to move with the trend but in doing so you should also hold on to your own trend.”

The Natural Something crooner also gave his opinion concerning the fact that Nigerian artiste lack lyrical content in their songs. He said the market and also the labels have much blame as much as the artiste, saying it won’t be fair enough to blame artiste who release songs without good lyrical content.

He said “I think the market is also to be blamed I mean there are artiste who are lyrical gifted but you get what you deserved, if the market doesn’t want the content then they don’t get it. An artiste might want to sing a song with good message but if the market isn’t willing to accept it then the label would tell that artiste to tune it down to commercial. If the market accepts songs with good lyrics these artiste or label won’t have to worry about tuning it down and even those that think it music they can do it won’t show up because they know they don’t have the lyrical content the market wants.” he concluded.

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