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10 Songs That Rejuvenated D’Banj After Mohits Split | @iamdbanj

To be honest I have always wanted to write this article but I always feel it wasn’t worth the time but then I realize a lot of people still don’t or won’t appreciate the effort D’Banj has put into his music since his unfortunate split from partner and producer Don Jazzy
Yes it was very difficult for D’Banj to adjust after the split and it even took a longer time for the fans and music critic like me to get use to a D’Banj song without Don Jazzy's voice, mehn it was hard to listen to but gradually D’Banj was able to prove his worth. Yes many would argue he would have even grown bigger if he was still with Don Jazzy but we also have to acknowledge the fact that without him D’Banj has found a new rhythm and most importantly he found way to win our hearts back and these 10 songs are proofs. 

10. Nous les meilleurs (We The Best): This song was actually produced by Don Jazzy but that was all his contribution on the song, his usual adlib or back up like you might call it was missing on this song and if we are to put all sentiment away you would give D’Banj credits on this song, he was able to pull it off. The song also features Fally Ipupa 

9. Cash Flow: No doubt this was another song that was able to help D’Banj find his feet as he was trying to cope with life after Don Jazzy and on this one he employed the service of his brother Kayswitch and together they did a decent job. 

8. Oyato: This song went viral for so many reasons, one being the fact that many tagged this song as a beef song or should I say a response song to Jazzy talking about how he (D'banj) had moved on. To me this was this first song D’Banj actually got right after the split, in this song you would hear that D’Banj had finally come out of that Jazzy shadow that many had boxed him in and I have to give credit to Jay Sleek, he did a superb work on the production of this song. 

7. Don’t Tell Me Nonsense: Unless you really want to be sentimental that's when you would not give thumps up to D’Banj. It was like D’Banj reinvented himself on this track, he came out strong and hard and even the video says it all. 

6. Why You Love Me Like That: Big shout out to Ty Mix, the extraordinary producer did a wonderful job with D’Banj on this track. D’Banj was able to find his rhythm on this song and his delivery was on point. 

5. Won Da Mo: This song actually belong to Burna Boy and he featured D’Banj on it, I remember the night I heard this song, I was far more impressed with D’Banj, I remember putting the song on repeat throughout the night and was telling myself, this is the D’Banj I want to keep listening to. 

4. Finally:  Though this song didn’t last very much but it enjoyed massive airplay when it came out, it had this hotness that we couldn’t just resist as at then. 

3. Feeling The Nigga: Believe it or not, this song will go down as one of the biggest hit D’Banj had after the Mohit split. D’Banj really went all out on this one he gave us that old D’Banj feeling on this song and it was really brilliant. 

2. Knocking On My Door: D’Banj went back to basic on this one, he probably listened to his No Long Tin self and felt he could still grind out some of those magic with harmonica and he did.  

1. Emergency: This will go down as one of the biggest song in D’Banj's music career, this song was and is still a massive hit. D’Banj was truly reinvented on this song, the whole Fela infused pattern really took everyone by storm. 

In all D'banj has proven that he can dish out good music - with or without Don Jazzy. We might not also be surprised if we see a song by the duo in the future as friends and other celebs like Tuface have begged them for a new song together.

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