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#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Five)

Today, we publish the fifth episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed episode four please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Four). Enjoy episode five below:

Inspired by a True Life Story:
If there was one thing Dave was able to prove to everyone that day it was the fact that he is a humble fellow, who didn’t allow his riches get to him. He kept his word by actually joining the queue though he didn’t actually line up but he waited in his car till it was his turn and of course Shalomo were there with him. 
Many student argued that Dave and Shalewa were dating in fact many were of the opinion that they were having sex with each but all these were all hear say, yes Dave decision to throw an expensive birthday party for Shalewa was actually because something did go down but it wasn’t sex and it wasn’t because they were dating, as a matter of fact they never dated. 

School resumed in September, Shalewa birthday was in December and she met Dave first week in October. Before meeting Dave she had a different plan for her birthday as a matter of fact before coming down to Nigeria she had already planned how she was going to celebrate her birthday. Her previous plan was to have like a birthday concert where the 4 Nations were going to perform for the entire guest she was going to invite, Natasha cousin owns an open night club, so she spoke with him on letting them use the place for Shalewa birthday which he agreed to. Floyd was the person in charge of every other activity that was going to take place at the party, the invitation list, the food and drinks he handled all because his mum is a party planner so he had picked up one or two things from her. But come December 23 it was a different kind of party that was held for Shalewa eighteen birthday as a matter of fact it was in a different country, so all those plan she had with friends few off the window immediately she told them that her dad was sending her to Nigeria and in her mind she had decided she wasn’t going to celebrate her eighteen birthday.

While Shalomo were in Dave’s car, there was a lot of conversation amongst all of them in the car even though Shalewa and Dave had their own discussion separate, Kikelomo and Dave’s friends also had their own discussion. What made the conversation between Dave and Shalewa more interesting was when Shalewa mentioned the area where she stays in the States it was the same in which Dave also stays though her house according to description was like five blocks away from that of Dave. 

Aside from the fact that Shalewa had a crush on Dave she wasn’t move by him which was something that moved him. Of course he has hung out with a lot of Nigerian girls especially fans and their reaction when they are with him are always crazy but Shalewa was cool, she wasn’t all over him like others girls would have been. You could tell she was enjoying the conversation they were having I mean who wouldn’t, having an opportunity to relate with a crush is something that we all enjoy and that was what Shalewa was doing, enjoying the conversation. 

Part of the conversation Dave and Shalewa had that lead to him throwing her a lavish birthday party was this

Shalewa: So when next should we be expecting a new song

Dave: Well I really can’t say for now though I might drop something before the end of the year, I have some songs I have already recorded and I am still recording

Shalewa: Wow that nice, do you have them on your phone?

Dave: Unfortunately I don’t have any expect from this new beat my producer just sent me today

Shalewa: Let me hear it

Dave: It just beat, I haven’t even listened to it that well

Shalewa: It doesn’t matter 

Dave: Alright if you insist 

Dave gave her his phone with the head phone and as she listened to the beat she started to hymn some words as she was nodding her head. After listening to the beat for a minute she took off the headphone and told Dave she had an idea on what could go best on the song. Shaking his head in approval Dave told her to share her idea and it was right there what many later argued to be Dave greatest hit of the year was created. 

As she started hymning the words Dave backed her up trying to fine tune the melody and before they could say Jack Robison the chorus was formed (that was the only thing that was formed that day). She told him that she feels he should work on this one and make it his next song which Dave agreed to. 

After Dave had left the atm stand and Shalewa and Kikelomo had return to their hostel, Dave headed straight to the studio so as to work on the song with his producer. It was a different story at the hostel as their roommates were all waiting for them to return and as they walked into the room different question started flying around as everyone wanted to know what and what they discussed with Dave. 

Kikelomo was the person that started the aproko as she filled them in on how cool Dave and friends were and how it was fun hanging out with them before Shalewa also added that Dave collected their numbers and promise to call them next week so they can hangout. “na wa oooo, you girls are lucky oooo”, “if you don’t mind can I also tag along next week”, these were some of the responses they got from their roommate.

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