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#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Four)

Today, we publish the forth episode of her story titled SHALEWA. If you missed episode three please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Three). Enjoy episode four below:

Inspired by a True Life Story
The way the semester turned out was one that Kikelomo didn’t expect, right from resumption day the whole school were already talking about them, from those that actually saw what happened and those that just added salt and Maggi to the whole gist. 
What was really amazing was the fact that everything that occurred which made people talk about them the most happened within the first month of resumption but they were the trending topic even on social media, the #Shalomo hashtag which was created by a blogger in the school was trending every day. 

The first incident that occurred was the car incident, on resumption day, Shalewa’s mum drove them to school with two cars. Shalewa’s mum drove her own personal car which had Shalewa and Kikelomo, the second car was the 7 series BMW that Shalewa’s mum bought a year before Shalewa’s arrival but she hardly use it (because she said she is very much comfortable in her Range), the car was driven by her driver. The purpose of this car is to take Shalewa and Kikelomo to class whenever they have lectures but the trouble came in when those at the registration point said that no student is allowed to use a car on campus. 

Shalewa’s mum was very furious that when she began her trouble, the vice chancellor of the school had to come down to the registration center to calm her nerves. Shalewa had not connected to the school social media page so she didn’t have an idea of what was happening, Kikelomo showed her that their story was already trending on the school social media handle. People where already curious as to who the new girl was though some of them knew Kike so it was her name that started trending as people were using all sort of word to describe Shalewa. “Who is this girl that her mummy is acting like the president of America?   Na wa for this girl wey Kike carry come ooooo…..So Kike has gone to bring the daughter of Obama…….So the VC actually came to settle the matter, chai Kike come and be my sister na……..I think I would like to date this Kike's friend……” these were some of the words that were flying on social media. While Shalewa was trying to get connected to the school's media platform, her name hit the web as someone who saw her while she was being registered came online to post her name. “…….Her name is Shalewa…..”.

Okay, yes many argued  that being the only girls in school that talks with celebrities on a one on one basis was what made them trend, yes it did, in fact it was from this incident that the #Shalomo became a slang. The whole thing started out like a joke, Kikelomo said Shalewa was going to freak out if she accidentally ran into Dave (a popular celebrity) on campus and Shalewa was on the contrary, she said she would act normal that though she has a huge crush on him but she knows how not to freak out. 

Shalewa was about to freak out the day she ran into Dave, they were at the ATM and Dave and his crew drove to withdraw cash and as they stepped out of the car the girls and guys went gaga screaming like say Nepa just give them ligth after one year. It was the noise that caught Kikelomo's attention and she decided to remind Shalewa about their bet and that was it. Shalewa accepted that challenge and put up a remarkable performance, after greeting the small crowd that surrounded him at the ATM, Dave headed towards to the ATM to withdraw and that was when he noticed Shalewa who stood by the ATM, she wasn’t freaked out that she saw Dave (at least that was what are physical appearance showed, in her mind she was freaked out). “No! Leave her” he said to his bodyguard who wanted to scare Shalewa off the ATM, moving closer to her (about three footsteps separating them) he said “am sorry for that, my name is Da…….” “……..Dave, yes I know who you are” she said cutting him short, going on she added “Does that mean I shouldn’t make use of the ATM?, the only people that have a higher authority than I do are the staffs and you be student”. Kike giggled as she heard her speaking pidgin, which was a sign that Shalewa would soon freak out. 

From the moment the bodyguard started walking towards Shalewa, those present there began spreading the word on social media and by the time Dave approach Shalewa the whole school was practically on the site. “………Shalewa and Kikelomo have started again……” Omo Baba Olowo vs Omo Mama Olowo live at the ATM………” these were some of the post that were trending on the school's handle but it was right after someone typed this “me I can’t be typing Shalewa and Kikelomo all d tyme, abeg make we shorten am” and another replied saying #Shalomo……use this” and that was how #Shalomo came to stay. Every student who came online or joined the conversation started with #Shalomo. 

“Yes we are both students, that's exactly what I was trying to tell my bodyguard, they shouldn’t have tried scaring you off” Dave said before adding “go ahead I would join the queue just like every normal student if you decide to keep my company till it's my turn

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