Sunday 3 December 2017

6 Ways You Are Destroying Your Smartphone

Smartphones keep us connected, informed and much more. For many of us, they have become more than a simple tech tool, so we should probably take better care of them than we do. Instead of treating them as if they are toys that can be replaced, we should handle them as if our lives and jobs depend on them. Nonetheless, there are certain things we unintentionally or unknowingly do to our smartphones. Read below

Neglecting malware
Malware doesn't only infect desktop computers. It could do even worse damage to your smartphone. This is because smartphone malware can track your location and steal highly sensitive data as well. It is essential that you take caution when installing apps on your smartphone.

Packing it full
Unless you use an Android phone that accommodates SD card, you can quickly fill up your devices until they won't work. Without enough storage space, the device may either become sluggish or won't function. Monitor the space on your device and if possible, use SD cards.

Always leaving it on
Smartphones don't rest because they are always on even at night. In fact, in many cases, these devices work more than our desktops and laptops. So, make it a habit to reboot it, turn it off at night or shut it down for 30 minutes.

Exposing it to heat and cold
Exposing your device to heat and cold weather conditions can be damaging. Therefore, you should be very conscious where you leave your smartphone.

Keeping your smartphone in your pocket
You don't want to keep your phone in the back pocket of your trousers or jeans. This might damage or break the device. With your body pressure, the phone might bend or break into two while you're sitting. If you have to keep your phone in your pocket, it should be the hind pocket.

Rooting improperly
One of the ways to take control of your device is to root it. Rooting is a bit complicated and should be done by a professional. However, if you decide to do it yourself, there is a high chance of incomplete rooting which may cause your phone to malfunction.

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