Thursday, 18 May 2017

Watch The Incredible Audition Of The Little Girl (Wolverine's Daughter) In 'Logan'

I have to say the only thing that kept me much more interested in Logan was the character Laura, which was played by Dafne Keen. If her key character had fallen flat, I am pretty sure the movie itself would have failed to impress a lot of people but luckily Keen was a revelation in the role and is sure to have a big career ahead of her.

As it turns out, the actress’ talent was clear right from her first audition opposite her on-screen father. I searched for the audition clips and I was impress to see how Keen blew away both her co-stars and the production team with her intense audition, some of which she improvised on the spot. The 12-year-old actress had enough skill to impress even an experienced thespian like Sir Patrick Stewart, not to mention the strength to give Hugh Jackman bruises on his arm.

Take a look at her 

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