Monday, 26 June 2017

Russia Issue Out ID Cards For Next Year World Cup

More than 400,000 identity cards for supporters have been issued at the Confederations Cup in Russia this month and the enhanced security measures will also be used at next summer's World Cup. Every fan with a match ticket is required to attend FAN ID centres at stadiums, or request delivery by post, after submitting an application online and providing personal information including passport details and date of birth.

Registrations can only proceed with a valid ticket number and an ID card also grants visa-free access to Russia for foreign citizens, including the UK. Fans cannot apply for FAN ID without a ticket.
Applications can take up to 72 hours to be approved but supporters have been seen taking photographs of themselves to finalise their ID cards within an hour of the start of games. FIFA has no control over FAN ID cards, which are issued by the Russian government, but world football's governing body is closely monitoring the system.
Colin Smith, FIFA's Director of Competitions, said “Any event like this provides a very important platform for all the key stakeholders to fine-tune the arrangements that are done on paper.”
FAN ID registrations for the 2018 World Cup will open after the start of ticket sales for the tournament and cards issued for the Confederations Cup will not be valid.

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