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#StoryTuesday: Shalewa Episode Seven

Today, we publish the seventh episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed the previous episode please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Six). Enjoy episode seven below:
Inspired by a True Life Story
Kikelomo: You can’t be serious
Shalewa: Sis I am serious, you know I won’t joke with this
Kikelomo: And you are sure it's just going to be us hanging out with his friends?
Shalewa: Well the plan hasn’t really been made but that was what I told him
Kikelomo: Hmmm, Shalewa na you oooo but I have to ask, are you sure this isn’t more than showing appreciation?
Shalewa: Come on sis don’t tell me you are thinking otherwise plus like I said I was the one that suggested it after he insisted I ask for something
Kikelomo: Okay, I believe you, so have you told big mummy
Shalewa: That is my headache I don’t know how to tell her
Kikelomo: Hahahaha, I thought you don’t always have problem telling your mum things, so you self dey fear
Shalewa: Come on sis, stop making jest of me, this is different I can’t tell her that a musician is throwing me a birthday party
Kikelomo: Then don’t tell her, it's your birthday I am sure she won’t stop you from going out so just let her know you are going to celebrate your day
Shalewa: You don’t understand, remember I told you she called last week, what we spoke about my birthday and she was all emotional about us spending the day together
Kikelomo: Hmm, Shalewa I no go lie this one pass me, so what do we do?
Shalewa: I honestly don’t know right about now maybe I would just have to cancel on Dave at the last minute

That was part of the conversation they had as they were preparing to go home for the festive holiday. Kikelomo went for a departmental excursion so she wasn’t around when Shalewa had the phone conversation with Dave. The school vacated on the 17th of December but Shalewa didn’t go home till 20th, her mum wasn’t in the country so instead of going home she and Kike decided they go over to Kike's house from school and stay there till Shalewa’s mum returns back to the country.

On her arrival back to the country Shalewa and her mum had this conversation

Shalewa’s mum: I am so excited tomorrow my baby girl would be 18, can’t wait to spend the day with you, so tell me what would you like us to do?

Shalewa: Honestly mum I don’t know

Shalewa’s mum: Come on Shalewa it’s your birthday, I am sure there are millions of thing we could do together, if you want we could go to Dubai, you just say the word

Shalewa: Dubai sounds nice mum but I think I would pass on that. The truth is I never thought I was going to celebrate my birthday in Nigeria so really I don’t know mum

Shalewa’s mum: Look Shalewa I am your mother and I love so much contrary to what your dad must have told you, I have missed all 17 birthdays of yours so I understand why you might not feel like celebrating this one with me

Shalewa: It’s not that mum, ever since my 10th birthday my wish has always been to celebrate at least one of my birthday with you, it’s just that I didn’t expect it to be this one. Trust me mum I want to I swear it just ……..

Shalewa’s mum: ………You have other plans that doesn’t involve me

Shalewa: Something like that mum

Shalewa’s mum: So tell me what's the plan? Maybe I can find a way to fit in

Shalewa: Mum????

Shalewa’s mum: I know, it’s just that I feel your birthday is one of the few days I can get to know you better before you go back to your father

Shalewa: Promise me you won’t be mad mum

Shalewa’s mum: Mad! I can never be mad at you Shalewa

Shalewa: Okay mum, truly I didn’t have any plan of celebrating my birthday in Nigeria but just last week a very good friend of mine in school offered to throw me a party

Shalewa’s mum: Friend you say??

Shalewa: Yes mum

Shalewa’s mum: Does this friend have a name and what kind of party is he throwing you?

Shalewa: His name is David, it's just an hang out with his friends

Shalewa’s mum: So if I am to understand you perfectly your boyfriend would be throwing you a party

Shalewa: Mum, he is not my boyfriend, he just a close friend

Shalewa’s mum: Shalewa I was once your age, I also called your father my friend till he got me pregnant. Okay I tell you what, tell your boyfriend, sorry school friend to come pick you up I want to meet him and you must at least spend 2hours with me before going anywhere.

From that point the rest of their conversation were more of jokes and tease..

Next episode nest week...

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