Wednesday 12 July 2017

7 Smart Ways To Spice Up Your Long Trip

Ordinarily, a trip should be fun and exciting. Yeah! However, there are some circumstances that it becomes very boring to the point that you crave for ways to pump up the adrenaline to a reasonable degree. It is noteworthy to add that travel boredom has no boundary. It affects you notwithstanding if you are traveling alone or in a group, by road, air or train. As such, here are shares smart ways to deal with the resultant boredom of your long trip.

Car Karaoke
Thankfully, cars can now play songs from a USB flash drive or your phone. So, take advantage of this and play your favourite music genre including hip hop, reggae, Juju, soul, rock, country, and Afrobeat among others. Sing along to the song. If you like you can shout but just make sure your car windows put up.
Empty your mail inbox
This activity may not be the most fun you have ever had on a trip, but it will considerably reduce your mental load. If you have internet connection, emptying your inbox or deleting irrelevant messages can be one of the ways to pass time while traveling.
Write a travel journal
Your travel activities can result in some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. If you can remember them, you should actually pen these tales. This is primarily for those who travel frequently. There are apps you can download to do this.
Read/Learn something new
Whether you grab a magazine at the airport, purchase a local newspaper, bring an e-reader or take along a novel, you will definitely learn something new on your trip. The truth is no knowledge is lost! Even if you’re not a regular reader, try as much as possible to learn something new.
Talk to your seat-mate
Your trip is an opportunity to meet new people and also network. Accordingly, do not hesitate to talk to your seat-mate regardless if they are male or female. This is why you must have conversation icebreakers or starters. You will be surprised both of you will flee from one topic to another until you arrive at your destination! By the way, ditch your serious facade if you want others to talk to you.
Go window shopping online
Your phone will always come handy. If you have internet network, you can go window shopping. At the same time, you can check your social media accounts, and read the latest news.
Play games
There are quite a number of games you can play while traveling including Monopoly, Ludo, and name, animal, place, thing game.

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