Saturday 1 July 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Absolute Hearts Album Review || Ijele- The Traveller by @2niteFlavour

Artiste: Flavour
Album: Ijele-The Traveller
Tracks: 17
Features: Chidinnma, Terry Apala, Sarkodie, Waga, Zoro, Oloye, Rabbai, Zuaba, Phyno, Semah G, Weifur
Producers: Masterkraft (2, 4, 8, 9, 12,) Del B (5, 7, 11) Tekno (3), Kezykleff (14), Young John (15) Illkeyz (10), JayStuntz (16) Selebobo (12)

Flavour is one of the most respected and most talented artistes to come out of Nigeria and when he ever he drops an album we expect a brilliant body of work. Ijele-The Traveller is the name of Flavour 5th studio album, relax as Absolute Hearts Album Review takes you through the new sounds of Mr. Flavour.

The first track off this project is titled Victorious Woman, Flavour paid tribute to all the women out there, this is a very beautiful song with a piano sound and the rating will be 9/10

Sake of Love is the second track off this album and this song registered the first of Masterkraft's production works on this album. Very nice song as Sarkodie also came through, though if you listen carefully it has some element of Finally, which belongs to Masterkraft and featured both artistes. The rating for this song will be 8/10

I like the fact that Flavour wasn’t shy of experimenting with this sounds as he was able to come through on this track titled Catch You. I will like to assume Tekno is responsible for the production of this song because Flavour gave him lots of credit on this song as he said Tekno Falvour na good collabo. The rating for this song will be 9/10.

With Baby Na Yoka, Flavour and Masterkraft gave us that gyration vibes that we all love Flavour for. This is like another version of Ashewo though with a different beat but it has that same melody. The rating will be 8/10

With Jaiye Flavour decided to give us some of his own pattern of the famous Awilo sounds and the production credit for this one belongs to Del B. The rating would be 9/10. With Simba Flavour took us to the dance floor and Del B is responsible for the production of this one as the rating would be 8/10.

Nnekata brought back that traditional sound in Flavour and Masterkraft is responsible for the production of this track, not a bad effort as expected Flavour came through, this is one of his unique sounds. The rating will be 8/10

Chimanada is another Masterkraft-produced song and on this Flavour gave thanks to the Lord. The rating would be 9/10 as this is a true traditional (or should I say this is a true Igbotic) worship song. If you have ever been to a church in the east then you will understand what I mean. 

Iheneme ft. Chidinma, if I am not mistaken this will be the fourth collaboration between these two and like Flavour said in an interview there is a good chemistry between them. Iheneme is a typical Flavour sound that we all love and just like every song they have collaborated on, Iheneme is another decent duo. The rating of this Illkeyz produced song would be 8/10.
Body Calling, the Del B produced song featured Terry Apala and Flavour was on another level on this track, this isn’t the Flavour we are used to. Listening to what Flavour did on this track is an evidence of how much the music sound in Nigeria has evolved. The rating will be 9/10

Oringo brings us back to the usual Flavour sound and it wasn’t a bad effort as the rating to this Selebobo produced song will be 8/10

Masterkraft is a genius no doubt and this song Oppressor proves that, This one of the best song on this album so far, yes it is the usual Flavour sound but the production behind this song is just lit and Flavour made sure he nailed it. The rating would be 10.  

Flavour employs the services of Zoro on this Kezykleff produced track titled Ijele. Talk about real traditional festive sound then you are referring to this song, this is strictly an Igbo song in its finest and the rating would be 10.  

Young John blessed this album with his production on the track titled Loose Guard which features Phyno and I have to say it was a decent effort. The rating would be 9/10

Uwku Nwata is another high tempo highlife song and as expected Flavour came through on it and I have to say the production was on point. The rating for this JayStuntz will be 9/10.

Most High features Semah G x Weifur and Flavour decided to end this album by giving praise to the Most High. Like I use to say, you can’t do a song giving praises to God and get it wrong, the rating would be 8/10.

So there you have it folks, the new sounds from Flavour and I would say after listening to all these tracks I wasn’t disappointed, it is indeed a great body of work and the total rating will be 8.7/10

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