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#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Eight)

Today, we publish the seventh episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed the previous episode please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Seven). Enjoy episode eight below:

Inspired by a True Life Story
Love is one feeling Shalewa had always ran away from, she is emotional and she would literally do anything for love, like this one time when she was in the states, she had this guy, not a boyfriend per say because the boy never asked her out but she was secretly in love with him and she literally did stalk the boy that he would have gotten a restraint order on her but Natasha was able to help her out of the situation. 
Since then she decided to close her heart till she was matured enough to handle her feelings and she took three years to enlighten herself on how to control her feelings. Between those three years she was able to read more about love and emotions as she was preparing herself for that day she would fall in love again and this time she wanted it to be for real and she did fall in love but then again life they say is full of ups and downs and it hits you when you least expect. 

For Shalewa, falling in love with Bode was love at first sight, she had no idea who he was but immediately he saw him talking with one of Dave's friends at her party she knew she was in love with him. But instead of going to meet him and acting all childish like she did three years ago she remained calm and told herself what will be would be, if he talks to me fine if he doesn’t fine. As the universe would have it Bode did not only talk to Shalewa eventually, he also fell in love with her the first moment he laid eyes on her, as a matter of fact he was actually getting some information about her from one of Dave’s friends who happened to be his cousin.

The 3 Thrones event was to take place a week after her birthday. They all had free tickets courtesy Dave who was billed to performe at the event, it was these tickets that actually brought Shalewa and Bode together, while he was talking with his cousin, Dave came to join them, he asked if anyone one of them had seen Shalewa and Bode replied by saying “I think I saw her going to the bathroom”. Dave told him to notify him when she comes out that he wanted to give her free tickets to the 3 Thrones event and that was when Bode realise this was his chance to have a talk with her. He stylishly convinced Dave to let him deliver the tickets to Shalewa and that was it, the rest like they say became history. 

Bode: Hey great party

Shalewa: Hey thank you

Bode: My name is Bode a family friend of Dave, he sent me to you

Shalewa: Exactly the person I was looking for, where is he? 

Bode: He stepped out to receive an international call. (Stretching his hand forward) he said I should give you these tickets 

Shalewa: Wow! That's very kind of him and here I was thinking of how to get my tickets tomorrow

Bode: Well I guess he has saved you the trouble. And if I may, what a great party this is

Shalewa: Well you can thank your family friend for that, do you believe he said it was just hanging out with his friends? 

Bode: Trust me this is his 'hanging out', I remember the last party he threw for me, let just say in his book this isn’t a party 

Shalewa: Anyway thanks for attending and making my day, I hope you are enjoying yourself?

Bode: Well I won’t say I was till I started talking with you

Shalewa: hahahaha, I am sure you just kidding, there are enough drinks and girls so I am sure you must have had lot of conversation tonight (she said trying to hide her blush)

Bode: Of course I had a lot of conversations but not as interesting as the one am having with you

Shalewa: Okay I need to ask, is this you flirting with me?

Bode: Would that be a bad idea

Shalewa: Not really just that you might need more drinks before you can get me to blush

Bode: Well like you said there are plenty drinks here, I guess I just have to drink out the bar

Shalewa: Hmm…funny too, I like that

Like every single relationship Shalewa and Bode relationship started very well in fact Kikelomo at a point became jealous, they were both head over heels but what they didn’t realise was how fast the relationship was going till it got late and everything started to fall apart. Bode was a graduate who was waiting for his NYSC posting which is due for January so he and Shalewa whom by the way would also resume school in January had to make use of time they had by making sure they saw each other every day.  

Next episode next Tuesday

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