Thursday, 24 August 2017

Six Things Nigerians Should Not Do on A Flight

Traveling is stressful. However, the behaviour of some fellow passengers can make your experience quite unpleasant. Hence, it is important for every passenger to be aware of some of the things you should not do on a flight. As such here some of these things.

Don't walk around barefoot
There is nothing wrong with removing your shoes while sitting. However, it is a turn off when you walk around barefooted. So, no matter the distance of where you are going, always ensure you wear your shoes.

Recline your seat
As a passenger, you should be considerate of other passengers by not reclining your seat no matter how uncomfortable you are. But if it is absolutely necessary, you should inform the person behind you.

Badmouth our country
Quite a number of Nigerians are in the habit of badmouthing the country. Try as much as possible not to do this especially when you are on an international flight. Be patriotic and defend your country!

Letting your kids run around
Parents should be attentive to their kids and prevent them from playing around. Most people understand your kids will scream and cry. But, allowing them to play around disturbing others is unacceptable.

Don't wear shorts
If you can, try to wear clothing that covers your skin. No one is interested in you showing off your skin.

Don't turn off the air vent over your seat
If the air blowing makes you cold, it is advisable to wear a sweatshirt rather than turning off the vent. You should know that you are not the only passenger.

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