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#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Ten)

Today, we publish the seventh episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed the previous episode please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Nine). Enjoy episode ten below:

Inspired by a True Life Story
3:20AMStop it, what are you doing………”                     

The three of them got to the event some few minutes past eleven as they were held up in traffic. Bode took a cab to Shalewa’s house instead of him heading to the event with Dave and his crew.

Dave had booked a room for them in the hotel, as they got to the hotel they checked into their rooms first. Bode had his own room while Shalewa and Kikelomo shared one room. After they had kept their hand bags in the room they went straight to the hall where the event was taking place.
The event started around 10pm meaning they were an hour late and when they finally joined the party it was time for Ola (a popular artiste) to perform and as he came on stage Shalewa was all over the place screaming with excitement as she was also trying to sing along to the songs Ola was performing. Bode also did the same thing, though he wasn’t all over the place.

After Ola's performance, came four more artiste before Dave finally got on stage. Dave got on stage few minutes past 2 am and his performance lasted for about 30 miuntes. After his performance Shalewa wasn’t really interested in the event anymore, for her she has seen all those she wanted to see perform but Kikelomo was still very much enjoying herself and was still waiting to see more performances. When Shalewa suggested that they should head up to their room she told her to go ahead that she would come join her, she handed her phone over to her to help her charge since the battery was drained already.

She took the phone held hands with Bode -who by the way was a terrible dancer and that was something Shalewa teased him about all through the night - as they went to the room. On getting to the room, Bode sat on the edge of the bed as Shalewa went straight to the toilet to ease herself. While she was in the toilet her phone rang, it was her mum calling, and the time was 3:00a.m exactly an hour from her last call. This was the third call for the night. By the second ring of the phone she was out of the toilet so she was able to pick up the call, this call was actually the last call between her and her mum for the night because she told her mum she was already in her room planning to go to bed.

Shalewa have you left the party I can’t hear any music, where are you?” her mum said as she notice that there was no background noise compared to the first two times she called. “Mum, I am in my hotel room, we are about to sleep” she replied her. They spoke for some few minutes more and after that they said their byes.

Shalewa: I know you told me you can’t dance but I never expected it to be that terrible

Bode: Well now you know how bad a dancer I am

Shalewa: Trust me I know but it's fun though

Bode: Fun, really?

Shalewa: Yeah I mean, the way you were struggling to move your body really made me laugh

Bode: Oh I see, at least I made you laugh so I guess that's a win for me

Yes it is” she said as she stood up from the bed, she walked to the mirror then walked back and said “you haven’t seen all the dance moves I have” as she slowly kept her hands around his neck, raising his chin up.  She started with a lap dance before bending down low to twerk for him and after the twerking she whispered a sentence into his ears

Few Weeks After
Shalewa: Are you saying it’s my fault

Bode: Yes Shalewa it’s your fault

Shalewa: I can’t believe you doing this to me right now

Bode: I also can’t believe you're doing this to me

Shalewa: Please what in God’s name am I doing to you?

Bode: This, making feel like a bad person, if you didn’t lead me on, would I have had sex with you?

Shalewa: Oh my goodness, you are so unbelievable, how did I lead you on and did I hear you call what you did sex?

Bode: What about the lap dance? The twerking? And the words you whispered in my ears

The way Shalewa saw it, she was raped, though of course she blamed herself for whispering those words into his ears but then again when the reality of what those word will do to her began to dawn on her she said and did everything she thought possible but Bode had gone too far. 

I wish we could make love tonight” that was sentence she whispered into Bode's ears as she pushed him down to the bed, making him lay on his back and she was on top of him. Their make out section was hot and deep, as they kept turning each other over and over, she first placed a kiss on his lips which he also responded too by making sure his lips was on lock down with hers. As they were kissing her hands were busy yanking off the button of the shirt he was wearing, by the time she released his lips from hers, she had successfully unbutton him, she pulled him up a bit and together they both took off the shirt. As they landed back on the bed, he was on top of her, as she laid her back on the bed and they continued lip lock battle just that this one wasn’t as long as the first one.

Bode being an expert or should I say not a first timer when it comes to making love to a girl knew exactly what he was meant to do at this stage, prior to him being on to, he had been laid back in his contribution as he allowed her to do most of the seduction, he didn’t want to seem too forward but as he noticed that his shirt was coming off, he saw that as his green light to go all in and that he did.

Before she could say Jack Robison, he was all over her, placing kisses all over her body, from her forehead to her lips, to the neck down to her flat tommy, back to her lips before heading down to her thighs. She was lost, her mind was on an adventurous journey, it was like she was going to explode, her body was quivering over and over, she could hear her own heartbeat, and it was explosive to her.

As her body began to quiver over and over the more she wanted to make love with him, she had yanked off his trouser and what were left on him was his boxers, she could feel his manhood which was as strong as policeman baton on her skin. At this stage, she was naked from her waist upward but down below she still had her panties on but that wasn’t for long. He was busy sucking her breast, which was really driving her crazy, she was moving like a belly dancer on the bed as she kept on biting her lips, the experience she was having so far was everything she had hope her first time was going to be like but all that sweet experience went out the window when she released that it wasn’t just the tip of his manhood that was teasing her vagina, the whole manhood itself was now finding it way inside her and that came with a pain she wasn’t expecting.  

It's really difficult for a man to listen or control himself when he is at full erection and that was the case of Bode, his was fully erect and it was ready to begin the only mission it could do. Before he decided to thrust in her, he had already taken her pant off and as he was using one hand to tickle her breast he was using the other hand to move the tip of his manhood around her vagina and this was a mind blowing experience for her, biting her lips, running her fingers through his hair and his back she was like a wild puppy having some fun with its owner. The moment she felt it, her fantasy world came to a stop, it was amazing how the sweet sensational feeling turned into a quick sharp pain, the pain of his manhood tearing into her vagina was too much for her to handle and that was when she whispered these words “Stop it, what are you doing, it hurting me, please stop, it's okay………” but that didn’t stop him so she tried harder. This time she tried to push him off him as she increase the sound of her voice saying “Bode I said stop, I am not doing again, I don’t want to have sex with you, please I am begging” but once again he was far too gone. 

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