Thursday, 7 September 2017

5 Reasons Your Business Must Have A Strong Online Presence

The internet has made it easier for businesses - especially small scale businesses - to thrive and sustain themselves even in the economic downtown Nigeria is faced with. Sadly, not all entrepreneurs are utilizing the power of the internet for their businesses, some don't even see the need to. If you are in these categories then below are 5 reason you should care about the online presence of your business. Read below:

1. Low Advertising and Marketing costs: Did you know the one time cost of designing a website and annual fees you spend on renewals (domain & hosting), website maintenance is just a smallest fraction on the cost you spend a year on printing out brochures, billboards, flyers and many others? And yet with you having a website, whatever is printed out or shown in adverts can be in the website and you’re guaranteed of wide market coverage.
2. 24/7 business operations: With online presence, your company or organization is open for business to anyone, anywhere around the world for all 24hrs a day, 12months a year. Imagine you wake up in the morning and you find an order or Inquiry about your products waiting for you and you just need to click reply and business transactions start. So if you care about making money or gaining clients even when you are asleep then  you must be ready to build a strong online presence for your business.
3. Communication and Customer care at its best: Imagine just sitting behind your computer and click on the send button and in just seconds you have notified all your existing and prospective clients about your new products, promotions, achievements in quickest move possible. This is possible with Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
Imagine you providing answers through website (FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions) to those constantly boring questions that you have had over and over again about your business. Do you think this would be possible with poster letters? Of course NO. 
4. A complement in branding: Did you know that having a nice website, a stunning logo and social media platforms can strengthen your corporate image and improve your branding? Most times when people hear about your business, the next thing they do is go online to check you out, if you have a strong and appealing presence online then you have found your way into their hearts.

5. Your online presence adds confidence, trust, belief and hope into your clients. This shows how your business is a step ahead of the others and how your products are easily understood. I have noticed that customers always want to purchase a product or service they have understood. No one wants to buy something he or she is ignorant about! 
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