Saturday, 30 September 2017

I Am Going To Reinvent The Terminator – Director James Cameron

It is no longer news that The Terminator will be making a return back our screen as it is set for a three-film reinvention, director James Cameron recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk at length about his masterplan for the movie.
Cameron stress that the sixth Terminator movie is a continuation of the story from T1 and T2: Judgement Day and this laser focus will allow Tim Miller’s reboot to pretend the other films were nothing more than a bad dream.

He said “This is a continuation of the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream. Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multi-verse. This was really driven more by Tim than anybody, surprisingly, because I came in pretty agnostic about where we took it. The only thing I insisted on was that we somehow revamp it and reinvent it for the 21st century.”

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