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Care to know how to EVOLVE from where you are to where you should be? Then see this

Come October 1st, a book titled EVOLVE will be released by one of Africa's most insightful individual, Emmanuel D Osoteku. The book, EVOLVE, is the inspiring story of how a visionless and ineffectual young boy who had it tough in bearing his life’s compass underwent the evolutionary and inner process of taking control of his magnificent destiny thereby realizing the actuality of his new vision and impacting thousands of lives in Africa. The book reveals the power of determination towards change and aims to aid youths who are stranded in the isle of the past with the knowhow of transiting from past to future and attaining their ideals as the future can only be written by them.



Divided into five parts, each tailored to didacticism, the author, Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku (Mr. Global), writes to us the story of a young boy who goes through series of challenges to becoming the young man he is today. From the background of childhood dilemmas like absence of family aid, lack of self-belief, lack of vision, rebellious thoughts style, unhealthy peer groups, academic dullness which led to humiliations from his peers and teachers to the staggering involution of change in his life where God’s revelation acted as a catalyst furnishing him with a life shattering vision at 3am in the morning.

After receiving this life changing vision, self-determination and persistence was born out of him which eventually led him to impacting many lives globally.

Through this his new brain child book, EVOLVE (Past. Present. Future), Emmanuel D. Osoteku further revealed to us the necessary components to uncovering the directions of our compasses in life. Towards the tail of the chapter he unveiled the 3Ds of success and the other meaning to Evolve that we are unaware of.
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This chapter will introduces you to the impact of the Blank Slate theory and Steven Covey’s three stages of man in the life of every man including the author as these will serve as the surrounding psychological build ups of his past. The author’s apparent dullness in school led him quick realizations about his predicament and the change began for him intellectually. He surmounts the hurdles and becomes brilliant but he fails vital exams before his JAMB exam. He recoils into fear and uncertainty but the strength and belief of his God-filled mother keeps him going before JAMB comes around knocking on the prepared boy’s door.

The chapter focuses on the great turning point in the author’s academic life as he scaled through JAMB, POST JAMB, got admitted into the university and excelled academically by being the one of the top best male student while holding several organizational posts and became the first undergraduate to publish a book.

The chapter focuses on the author’s re-birth in his youth from being purposeless to becoming vision filled as he discovered public speaking to be his life’s purpose ministry through God and the beginning of public speaking career and finally towards birthing four great institutions of vision before which he was a dancer, rebellious boy and girl catcher with his charming bad grammar.

The chapter strings itself around 3ds that is a step by step process aimed at the path of one’s dreams, passions and visions towards clarity, certainty and knowledge acquisition. The 3ds namely Discover, Develop and Deploy entails discovering who he is through communion with God, developing who he is and what he has in order to excel in his vision and deploying refined potentials towards great goals using resources within and outside of himself effectively.

This chapter breaks down the acronym E.V.O.L.V.E to systematically working constructs that would clearly make the reader understand the process of his evolution. E; Experiences define thought patterns. V; Vision is a mental picture awaiting transmutation into actuality. O, Opportunities should be maximized lest vision be minimized. L, Learning makes one better. V, Voice is the medium through which confession is manifested. E, Emergence is the beginning of excellence

After the success of his bestselling book, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, the author, Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku, gears us ready for another marvelous life altering journey as he takes through the kaleidoscopes of the three important stages of time’s evolution in his life. What it takes to realize one’s potentials and acquire God given vision, what it takes to literally step out of one’s past with new knowledge and insights into the future and what is so secretive about the 3Ds of success and the truth behind the letters of EVOLVE is all in one book world.
Hence, If you have not read anything goody lately then this is the book to submerge yourself in. short reading time, great knowledge and longtime impact.

Emmanuel ‘Damilola-Osoteku is a young dynamic transformational leader and a prolific writer. He has over the past 6 years devoted his life towards making people and organizations better than the way he met them via his numerous impactful programs and humanitarian services across Nigeria.
Having being raised from a poor background and growing up from a ghetto area in the heart beat of Lagos Nigeria, Ajegunle, Emmanuel has proven to the world that irrespective of your background and where you come from, you can rise and attain any height of greatness in life if and only if you are willing to pay the sacrifice of what it all takes to get to the top.

Emmanuel D. Osoteku started living out his dream at age 17 by establishing a Non-Governmental Organization, Impact Generation International (IGI) which was later rebranded in 2015 as Global Impact Generation (GiG) with the vision of raising a generation of global positive changers… thereby focusing on impacting, reforming and transforming the lives of youths in this generation and beyond through her various projects.

Through his NGO, Global impact Generation, Emmanuel and his team members across four (4) states in Nigeria namely, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, and Port-Harcourt has been able to reach out and impact over 3,000 Secondary students through her School Empowerment Project (SEP) and over 2,000 University students via her SOAR PROJECT (Stand Out and Reign).

Despite all these, Emmanuel and his dedicated team have been able to successfully carry out the various humanitarian services rendered by the organization over the past few years. This is done through the organization key project, HOPE ALIVE PROJECT. The HA Project has been so touching and impactful as many hundreds of lives have been reached.

Nevertheless, having done all these, Emmanuel’s passion to raise future leaders for the nation Nigeria and for Africa grew beyond human expectations as he was led by God to build an institution that will help birth a New Generation of leaders in Africa. Based on this instruction, at age 21, he established the leadership institute, Global Leaders Leadership Academy (GLLA) in his final year as an undergraduate of the prestigious citadel of learning, Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The leadership academy in less than 8 months was able to successfully graduate over 300 participants in two universities in Nigeria, Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU Ago-Iwoye and Nigeria’s Premier institution, University of Ibadan, UI with numerous testimonies as proof of the level of impact generated during and after the academic sessions in the leadership school.

Hence, Emmanuel D. Osoteku became a house hold name as an undergraduate at age 21 as he authored his first book titled; YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES: Unveiling the PowerWithinwhich invariably made him the first undergraduate in the history of the Department of Mass Communication to write and publish a book while being a student of the department.

Meanwhile, as a spiritual leader and pastor, Emmanuel D. Osoteku while an Undergraduate served as the Vice President of the Largest Christian Fellowship on campus, Redeem Christian Fellowship, RCF, OOU Ago-Iwoye were he was able to consistently and productively raise godly leaders and workers for the period of 10 months.

However, having done so much at this young age, Emmanuel D. Osoteku became noticed and awarded for his numerous impacts to better the lives of Humanity and his country Nigeria by the NIGERIA VOLUNTEERS AWARD organizers after his recent outstanding project carried out in three (3) different states in Nigeria (Lagos, Ogun and Osun State), same day, same time and for one purpose. Emmanuel’s FEED A FAMILY PROJECT which was successfully carried out by his newly established foundation, The Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku Foundation (TEDOF) made him the talk of the nation as many people were inspired by his benevolent act of putting smiles on peoples face through his #FAFPROJECT. Hence, excitements and joy filled each family’s faces as Emmanuel and his team through his newly established foundation were able to put food on the table of poor families in Nigeria.

In peroration, Emmanuel has done so much beyond what words can explain. This is but mentioning a few of his numerous works and with this few mentioned we can unarguably attest to the fact that Emmanuel D. Osoteku is indeed God's gift to mankind.

To know little more about what Emmanuel has done, you can visit his digital home address; or email him directly; Emmanuel can also be reached via his mobile contacts: +234(0) 8130057948, +234(0) 8124054081.
Interestingly, if you ask him about his purpose for living, expect no other answer than; MAKING PEOPLE BETTER THAN THE WAY I MET THEM.
Thank You!

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