Tuesday 17 October 2017

Pogba believes football can unite the world as he support the UEFA's #EqualGame campaign

Manchester United player Paul Pogba has thrown his weight behind the UEFA's #EqualGame campaign as he is of the belief that football has the power to help to stop war. The campaign is part of FARE network's Football People action weeks, running during the first half of October.
The aim of UEFA's campaign is to tackle discrimination, and to promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility. Activities are taking place at a total of 58 matches in the Champions League, Europa League and the Women's Champions League.

Pogba has released a video showing his support for the campaign. In the video, he said: “I always wanted to help people in the world because we have the luck that we are playing football, so people can see us. The player next to me comes from Africa or Serbia or Croatia but we play together. We are in the same team and we have the same objective, the same love of football. Share love together and that's it. Football can help the world to be better. You can have a war between two countries, then when you see each other you become friends because you play in the same team. You can see the love that you share between you and the world can see that and they can stop war for that. I am still young but I want to give an example to the young guys that are coming up, to see a different image of football.”

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