Monday, 23 October 2017

What you need to know about 'IdeaHub' (Nigeria's first entrepreneurship and SME community)

About a week ago new platform for young and creative entrepreneurs to strive and real make a difference was launched (If you missed the launch please click > IdeaHub) and since then the response has been massive as lots of people have been visiting the IdeaHub website but in case you haven't heard about Ideahub, here's what you need to know about IdeadHub.
Ideahub is a platform that intends to build an innovative business incubation hub in Nigeria that will enable Nigeria’s rapid economic and social development by offering a stimulating platform that brings young entrepreneurs and startups together to develop their ideas and bring it to market. 

IdeaHub is a community of like-minds such as entrepreneurs, startups  venture capitalists and angel investors whose major desire is to transform ideas into successful businesses that can be taken to the capital market in future through an IPO. IdeaHub will build and develop the untapped potentials of young Nigerian entrepreneurs whose interest is to build successful businesses while making a difference in Nigeria and the world.

What IdeaHub does
IdeaHub offers a platform that allows for the transmutation of viable ideas into new business opportunities by adding value.  IdeaHub gives meaning to your ideas by providing solutions.

IdeaHub's Mission
To give creative and innovative entrepreneurs a platform that allows their ideas to be harnessed and thrive through venture capitalism.

IdeaHub's Vision
The vision of IdeaHub is to be a source of new ideas where members will be positioned for success.  It is the coming together of like minded individuals and companies, creating a community focused on creativity, innovation, learning and sharing of ideas for success.

IdeaHub's Philosophy
The philosophy is “Spread the light” as IdeaHub is focusing on creating and implementing solutions, rather than just debating problems

So what are you waiting for?, logon to, create an account and see your ideas come to live.

For more inquires
Call: 08069707200, 08093452336.
Facebook page > IdeaHub

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