Monday 6 November 2017

Warner Bros and Amazon in talks for a Lord Of The Rings TV Series

Reports have it that Amazon Studios is in talks with Warner Bros. Television and the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien to produce a Lord of the Rings TV series. According to variety, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is personally involved in the negotiations, which means that things are probably pretty serious.
Both WB and the Tolkien estate have been trying to get a show based on the classic fantasy novel off the ground for a while now, with several different parties all showing interest. Amazon has emerged as the frontrunner, though, and may just be the one to bring this project to fruition – which is hugely exciting.

Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy delivered a rich tapestry of storylines and character relationships that expanded and grew with every installment, with each film being marginally better than the last. They were all exceptionally well made though and to this day, still stand as some of the genre’s finest achievements.

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