Wednesday 6 December 2017

4 Secrets To Enjoying An Economy Flight

An economy flight has more to do with how comfortable you are than with how much you paid for the ticket. Regardless, there is so much you can do to make your flying experience more cosy and cost-effective. These secrets shared will help you ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable economy flight.

Book your seat in advance
There are several categories for economy class seats, from super saver to full economy depending on the airline you take. The super saver seats come with certain restrictions but they are cheaper than the full economy fare. Once the seats have been taken, you are left with expensive flight tickets. If you want the best price, book well in advance.

Know who is best to buy tickets from
Some travel agents will still disappoint you notwithstanding your painstaking efforts at booking your flight early. This is why you should choose your travel agent carefully and consciously. Jumia Travel is a reliable platform to book your flight.

Fly with noise cancelling earphones
Noise cancelling earphones get rid of ambient noise, enabling you to sleep with little or no discomfort. This will help you survive and enjoy your flight even though it's an economy flight.

Avoid alcohol binge
If you overdo alcohol, you have opened the door to serious difficulty during your flight. This is because at 3,000 metres or whatever metres the plane might be flying, you might feel its effects more since you're getting a double shot-alcohol+altitude.  

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