Friday 8 December 2017

How to Know If You Are In A Bad Hotel

You definitely want to book or stay in a very decent hotel despite the amount you pay. However, there are circumstances whereby what you see online is completely different from what is on ground at the hotel. So, how do you know you are lodging in a bad hotel? Here are signs that you are in a bad hotel.

Poor customer service
The way you are treated by the customer service gives you a deep insight into how well the hotel is managed. This said, there are certain hotels whose customer service is mediocre as they offer terrible customer service to their guests.

Faulty door knobs and loose cabinet hinges
This may be minor but they actually reveal the state of disrepair of the hotel. This will make you question the level of security of the hotel especially when you are travelling with kids or minors.

Bugs in the room
Personal hygiene is non-negotiable for every hotel. But because the cleaning is hurriedly and haphazardly done, your room bed may be infested with bugs from which you can contract disease (s).

Foul smell fills the air
If you are welcomed by an unidentifiable smell in your room, you are definitely in a bad hotel. This can be frustrating especially if the hotel takes forever to fix or do something about the smell.

Lack of electricity
A hotel is expected to provide 24 hours electricity as this is one of the ways to attract customers. This is not the case in some hotels as it could take them hours to restore power after public electricity is interrupted.

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