Wednesday, 27 December 2017

It was an offside goal - West Ham David Moyes on late equaliser in clash against Bournemouth

West Ham manager David Moyes has said that Callum Wilson's equaliser was offside as his West Ham side's game against Bournemouth ended in a 3-3 draw.
David Moyes was left baffled by Bobby Madley's decision to overrule the offside call of his linesman that saw Bournemouth snatch a late equaliser against West Ham.

Callum Wilson's 93rd-minute header was initially ruled out by official Simon Long - the ball also appeared to hit the striker's arm - but after a discussion with referee Madley, the decision was reversed and the goal stood.

He said "I don't know how it was overruled. I don't know how or why he Madley would have to go to him if the linesman gives an offside. You rarely see that in any game where a linesman puts his flag up and it would be changed, he said he was alerted that the linesman put his flag up, I've never really heard of that, but I take his word for it that he went to see what it was. I've had a look at it and I think you can say that the offside is tight but the linesman, who does put his flag up for offside, but if he didn't, it's the Bournemouth player who puts the ball in the net with his arm. I'm still trying to work out how it can be overruled. The referee will see it himself. They get disappointed if they don't get it right. The last thing we want to do is blame referees, they do a great job in this country and I always think they try and referee each game as best they can."

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