Friday 9 March 2018

Top Mistakes To Avoid During A Visa Interview

Getting a visa is not difficult. You simply need two things- complete documents and confidence. You will definitely get your visa. However, this is not always the case. There are avoidable mistakes that may happen during the visa interview that will obviously ruin your chances of being issued a visa. To forestall these possible problems during your visa interview, here are some mistakes to steer clear of.

Inappropriate Answers
You should be prepared for your visa interview so that you do not give irrelevant and inappropriate answers. If you are not able to predict what visa interview questions are, you will not be able to give genuine and well-thought-out answers for visa officials. That is why it is essential for you to be familiar with the common visa interview questions, to properly plan in your head your answers early enough before the visa interview date.

Skipping questions or giving false answers
Whenever you apply for a visa, the interview is simply a way for the diplomatic office to meet with you and understand more in depth if the information provided in the visa application form is correctly offered. Trying to avoid answering questions of the visa official, does not protect you at all. Also, giving fake information does not give you any good result, as the diplomatic office will reconfirm all the information you provide during the interview and in the application form.

Inappropriate appearance
The way you appear during your interview, including your outfit, shoes, makeup, body posture and even the amount of perfume you wear can go a long way in determining the outcome of the interview. Remember that the first impression is everything and, usually, you cannot get the second chance to leave the first impression, so give it the needed importance instead of trying to improve it another time.

Incomplete supporting documentation
Appearing in the interview half or inappropriately equipped with the needed documentation to support the accuracy of the information provided in the visa application form, will absolutely decrease your chances to get a visa. Instead, make sure to consider early enough all the visa requirements and ensure they are complete.

Unnecessary information
If you have been asked a question, make sure to understand it well. Exaggerated answers and not required explanations are not supposed to be given in visa interview. The visa official is not interested in losing a day hearing unneeded and irrelevant information. The official only wants to get specific and clear information that directly asks you.

What destroys your answers during the interview, is appearing there full of nervousness. Even though your visa application and supporting documents, as well as your physical appearance, are as they should, nervousness, over-confidence might be destroyers of your interview.

When you have a visa interview appointment, the embassy or consulate will communicate the exact date and time of it. As such try to arrive at the embassy or consulate where your interview will take place, at least a few minutes earlier. For example, if you have a visa interview at the US embassy, there is no room for lateness the gates open as early as 6: am. It is advisable you book a hotel near the embassy so that you won't be late.

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