Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Diet Hacks For Foodies To Avoid Overeating

Foodies have to try to keep their calorie balance by eating only what they really love and not what is available within reach. This said, there are situations this rule is ditched and they eat to satisfaction resulting in over-eating.  If you have the tendency to overeat because you are a foodie, the diet tips below should help.

Be careful with alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic drinks also give calories, therefore count them when planning your meal intake! Also, alcohol intake has to stay within limits to avoid addiction/dependence and long-term ill effects of alcohol including liver damage.

Mind your snacks
Snacks contain bad nutrients such as salt, fats, sugar or simple carbs in huge quantities. People often do not know the correct portion size and eat too much of snacks. To get your correct snack portion do not eat out of the pack; instead, take out the snack in a bowl and keep the pack away. This way you will not stuff yourself up.

Take lunch to work or order food
Get in the habit of carrying your lunch, fruit, snack and milk to the office. Alternatively, you can order food online. This will ensure that you eat or order what you can consume. In fact, you can also preserve food for later eating.

Eat the right fat
The type of fat you consume is arguably more important than the amount of fat. Avoid saturated fats and cholesterol containing fats, instead, consume peanut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, avocado and nuts.

Try and keep the calorie balance
Eat equal or lesser calories than you need on a daily basis. Calculate your calorie intake daily and get your healthy diet plan now. This awareness will help you make healthy choices.

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