Sunday, 10 June 2018

I don’t take alcohol - Comedian Klint Da Drunk

Popular comedian Klint Da Drunk who has built his brand on the notion that he is a chronic alcoholic has come out to reveal some shocking details about himself. 
You will be stunned to find out that iconic comedian does not take alcohol due to medical reasons. He said that there is a very serious repercussion if he ignores the medical condition and take alcohol no matter how little it is. 

He said “I do not take alcohol, It is bad for my health and it is a medical condition. If I take half a glass of any kind of alcohol, I would have a splitting headache for three days except I take very strong pain relievers which I avoid using because they could become addictive or destroy someone’s liver or kidney. I am able to portray the drunk character so perfectly because I am good at acting. It is the same way Segun Arinze could kill so perfectly in the movie Black Arrow, it is the same way Patience Ozokwor can be so good at playing a wicked woman s part in a movie that people actually think she is wicked in reality."

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