Sunday, 10 June 2018

MURIC still vow to take Falz to court over #ThisIsNigeria video

The director of The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Ishaq Akintola, has said the organisation would still take legal action against Falz, if he fails to withdraw his 'This is Nigeria' video on the expiration of the seven days ultimatum.
Falz's management team has said that it won't pull down the video but would rather meet MURIC in court

Mr Akintola said "We don't need to react to that again because we've made our stance known. We told the world what we'll do, we'll go to court. Unfortunately, some Nigerians will not face the fact; they'll not respect the rule of law. There are people who will because they are provoked by a production, go to the street, fighting, breaking bottles, breaking windscreen. We are civilised people, we are peace-lovers, law-abiding Nigerians, people who have respect for the rule of law, we have decided to go to court and a lot of Nigerians think that it is just too much."

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