Saturday 21 July 2018

I got hospitalise for 5 days after shooting a crime scene - Nollywood Mosun Adeleye

Nollywood actress, Mosun Adeleye, has underscored the rigours involved in film production when she revealed that she was hospitalised for five days after shooting a movie scene.
In a recent interview she described how repeating a crime scene during the production triggered an illness that incapacitated her for days .

She said “There was a day I wasn't feeling fine and we are shooting a crime story. It triggered my illness because it was so stressful that and we had to repeat some scenes more than six times . You could imagine someone that is not feeling fine and managed to complete that job. Since then I made a promise to myself that I will never partake in any crime story because after the production, I was on admission for five days.”

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