Tuesday 18 September 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Episode Five)

Some weeks ago, we started a new stories series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday. Here  is the link to the fourth episode in case you missed it. read the fifth episode below
The Twitter life was sweet, she completely forgot Facebook, the only time she remembers it is when she wants to remember somebody’s birthday. Instagram was never her strong suit, considering the fact that it’s mostly about photos and she isn’t really the selfie type.

As the job searching wasn’t bringing any positive result, she decided to become self employed by making use of her talent and skills, she went into making handbags with Ankara fabric. This wasn’t an idea she originally thought of by herself, it was something she came across on a Twitter trend, so she also decided to do it and it has been a success at least she has had few customers.

There was a day, one guy went into her DM and requested to buy some of her bags, he actually ordered for two. As at when the order was placed, she was out of stock, so she kept communicating with the guy till his order were ready for delivery. This was how their conversation looked like when the guy first made his offer;

@therealwale: Good morning, how are you, hope you doing well, I came across your handle on a friend's timeline and I see you are into Ankara bags I will like to place an order

@that_bimbochick: Good afternoon, yes I make Ankara bags but currently out of stock so delivery might take a little longer, how many would you like

@therealwale: Two

@that_bimbochick: Okay, do you have any design or colour in mind

@therealwale: Yes, there was this one I saw, let me send you the picture

@that_bimbochick: Okay, I hope you don’t need it urgently because two of this might take like two weeks to make

@therealwale: No problem, how would I know when it’s ready and how do I pick it up?

@that_bimbochick: I will send you a DM you as soon as it’s ready, where in Lagos are you?

@therealwale: Ikeja

@that_bimbochick: Okay, once it’s ready I will let you know

@therealwale: Okay

@that_bimbochick: Thanks

@therealwale: You welcome

Two days after she started making the bags, she remembered she didn’t tell the guy the price, so she  quickly went back to his DM, to tell him the price. The guy didn’t reply her message till three days after

@therealwale: Sorry for not replying on time, I haven’t been online, but madam these bags are expensive ooo, 10k for the two, kilode?

@that_bimbochick: Haba, it’s not expensive na, you know buying materials is now expensive

@therealwale: Which kind expensive is that?, is it not this same owanbe Ankara that you will use?

@that_bimbochick: 😂😂😂, it’s not owanbe Ankara I will use ooo, plus that’s not the only material that I will buy na

@therealwale: Okay, sha know I won’t pay for delivery ooo, at least use that one and do customer for me

@that_bimbochick: Okay, no problem

@therealwale: Call me on 07059499556

@that_bimbochick: No problem, thanks

Making those bags made her busy so she didn’t really have much time to always be on Twitter though she had her notifications on for some handles she couldn’t afford to miss.

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