Tuesday 2 October 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Episode Seven)

Some weeks ago, we started a new story series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday. Here is the link to the sixth episode in case you missed it > #StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah Episode Six. Read the Seventh episode below
For days the statement “………it's you that I blame……” kept on playing in her head, she couldn’t just get it out. What was even more shocking was the fact that she didn’t start raining cause on him rather she walked out on him quietly.  

Maybe it was her mother's prayers that finally got answered or maybe her village people were taking a nap because on a good day, Bimbo would have turned that place into a Nollywood commotion scene but for some reasons she will never understand, she just walked out on him without saying a word. When she finally told Felicia, Felicia wanted to go wild, she couldn’t believe Bimbo kept such from her, and what was more surprising was the fact that Bimbo didn’t even react to it, she knows her well, her temper is explosives she couldn’t just understand it. The guy did try to apologize for his “immature outburst”, but Bimbo wasn’t having any of it, after reading his messages she blocked him, both on Twitter and WhatsApp. 

Uche on his own part wasn’t the meet a girl online kind of guy, he prefers meeting a girl at the bar, wedding and even funeral as much as it wasn’t online he doesn’t care. His last girlfriend who made him sold his television; he met her at a friend’s funeral. Their relationship wasn’t that bad, action in bed was good, they had s3x like twice after they had broken up but aside that, they can’t stay too long in the same room, it’s a calamity waiting to happen. 

The sale of the television was the beginning of the end in their relationship, in fact things never really got back on track from that point on. Why did he sell the television? He couldn’t stand the fact that he had to keep watching Telemundo with her, every day. So during this particular week when she had exams in school and had to go back to her hostel so that she can read with her friends, Uche sold the television before she got back. Of course when she came back and notice the television and GoTV was gone, she questioned Uche on why he had to sell it. “I fit sick if I sidon with you watch another Telemundo series and since you always insist I go to Tunde's place to watch ball, I figure why not sell the television, no be say I dey enjoy am” he said to her bluntly and this led to a series of back and forth argument and exchange of words.

She stayed mad at him for like two months and he really didn’t care, well not that he didn’t care but pride they say comes before a fall, he was hell bent on the fact that what he did was right, “…..I mean it’s my television, I bought it with my money, so I can decide to sell it if I want to” and as for her, she sees his act as being “selfish and immature”, she wasn’t going to back to his place if he doesn’t come begging. He could have bought the television back but he didn’t want to have to do the same thing with whomever he is going to date next, so he didn’t just bother.

Next episode next week

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