Sunday 11 November 2018

If a man opens the door for me, I'll love him more - Queen Olaide Adefowora, Most Beautiful Girl in Iba 2018, says

Hello guys, we are here once again with another exclusive and juicy interview with the latest beauty queen in town, Queen Olaide Adefowora, who just emerged the winner of the Most Beautiful Girl In Iba 2018.
It’s a little over a month since she was crowned and out of her busy schedule she was able to find the time to have an interesting chat with us and here are some of the few things we talked about

Absolute Hearts: Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Queen Olaide: My name is Queen Olaide Adefowora, a student of Babcock University studying International Law and Diplomacy

Absolute Hearts: Tell us about your background

Queen Olaide: Ermmmm... I was born in Lagos State by HRM Oba Adegboyega Adefowora and Olori Adekemi Adefowora and I attended Temperance Nursery and Primary School and moved over to Continental Compressive High School

Absolute Hearts: Can you tell us what being the Most Beautiful girl in Iba 2018 feels like?

Queen Olaide: Well I feel very excited because I wasn’t expecting it, so of course I definitely feel very special and happy (Smiles).

Absolute Hearts: What motivated you to participate in this pageant?

Queen Olaide: Nothing in particular, I have always been into pageantry

Absolute Hearts: Can you tell us about the camping experience during the pageant?

Queen Olaide: (Smiles), my camping experience was just so fun and crazy and I was known as the foodie of camp and a very playful person nevertheless I had mad fun and met amazing girls.

Absolute Hearts: Growing up, did you ever think you would contest in any pageantry?

Queen Olaide: Yes and my mum has always been my biggest fan and she’s always so excited when I have a fashion competition in school

Absolute Hearts: Did you ever for once think that you had a chance of winning before the finale?

Queen Olaide: No... Because all of the girls were up to the task and beautiful as well

Absolute Hearts: When you heard your name called as the Winner, can you describe how you felt at that moment?

Queen Olaide: (Smiles).... before my name was called, I was like Olaide let me accept my faith oo because I thought a particular contestant was going to win so when I was called I was totally shocked because I didn’t expect it

Absolute Hearts: Say you didn’t win, would you have felt cheated?

Queen Olaide: No, like I said earlier everyone in camp was capable of winning

Absolute Hearts: How has the crown changed you as a person?

Queen Olaide: Well it has only been a month but let's see what two months from now will be like, so many things coming
Absolute Hearts: What do you intend to achieve with your crown?

Queen Olaide: Well... so many things, I have a lot of project coming up with my fellow queens

Absolute Hearts: As a woman, do you feel like a weaker person if a man opens the door for

Queen Olaide: No (Smiles) that’s just a sign of respect if a man opens the door for me... I’m even going to love the guy more

Absolute Hearts: If you are in a position of power, how would tackle child and sexually abuse

Queen Olaide: First of all, I will create awareness because some people don’t know when they are being abused and some don’t even know that they are abusing others.

Absolute Hearts: What projects do you have coming up or are you currently involved in?

Queen Olaide: Volunteer in a special school for children with disabilities and currently working on a talk show called CHILD NOT BRIDE.

Absolute Hearts: What next in terms of future ambition?

Queen Olaide: After school I’m going to be representing my country as a diplomat and probably do politics

Absolute Hearts: Thank you very much for your time, any final words you will like to leave us with?

Queen Olaide: I’m going to leave you with wise words from Maya Angelo Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

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