Sunday 16 December 2018

I took a break from the movie industry to nurse an injury - Femi Branch

For some years, popular actor, Femi Branch, was out of the industry and this was due to the fact that the actor was nursing a serious injury that crippled him for about two years. 
In a recent interview the actor said that it took another three years before he could walk with both feet.

He said “Why I took a break from the movie industry was because I had an accident in 2011. I was shooting my second film when I had an accident on the set and broke my legs. I had five fractures on my right foot and four fractures on the left one. I could not work for two years because I was on crutches and that took me off work. I was lucky that the first job I did after recovery was the one I did for MNET. Till date anytime I stress the feet, they get swollen. This incident limited the kind of roles I could do for another three years. I was getting scripts but I could not take them because they required me to move frequently. If I was getting five scripts in a month, I could not do any of them and on some occasions, I could only do one or two projects. That was what happened during that period. I could not work because of the medical situation.”

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