Saturday 12 January 2019

There is a cabal in the music industry - K-Solo

K-Solo who has produced evergreen songs for singers like Timaya, the late Kefee, among several others has said that there is a cabal in the music industry. 
During a recent interview, K -Solo also said it was wrong for people to assume that his career was dead simply because he had not had a hit song recently. 

He said "At a point, people said that my career was dead and I told them that if you assume that my career is dead, it means that Don Jazzy's  career is also dead as well . Some people misinterpreted me, but what I meant was that if you check the list of producers that are making hits currently, I am sure you would not find his name on the list. The cabal has lost their grip on the industry and that is why everybody is going with songs that are doing well. That is what broke the cabal and they are no longer relevant.”

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