Monday 18 February 2019

My sickness has brought me closer to God - Lord of Ajasa

Many Nigerians were worried when it was reported that indigenous rapper, Lord of Ajasa, was sick and in need of urgent medical attention.
But just like we reported some days ago, the rapper is in good spirit as he prepare for another surgery, while thanking his fans for their support the rapper also said that the incident has brought him closer to God.

He said “My fans should be expecting a song from me because I have a lot to talk about. This sickness was a reality check for me. I have noticed that these days everybody just talks about money ; nobody thinks about their wellbeing Good health is more important than money; and being in the hospital really made that fact to sink in for me. You may have money but if you are not in good health, how would you spend it? Money without health is nothing, there were so many people that died in the same ward I was in at the hospital despite all the money they spent. This incident has made me to move closer to God and I thank Him for giving me a second chance.”

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