Monday 18 February 2019

I don't regret working as a cab driver - Former Project Fame winner, Olawale Ojo

Last year, it was reported that a former Project Fame winner, Olawale Ojo, had become a cab driver to support his music when things became tough for him.
The singer stated that though he had stopped working as a cab driver, he didn't regret the decision he took at the time. 

He said “If we don't celebrate people who do legitimate jobs, we will keep promoting fraudulent activities and crimes. When you look down on cab drivers, it can push them into committing crimes for survival, I could recall an instance when a lady ridiculed me because she wanted to pay a certain amount. Of course , she didn't know who I was. I have been able to work on my mind and I don't allow certain things affect me. I am not a cab driver anymore but I don't see anything wrong in it. People made it look like I was doing a terrible thing, I was just going through a difficult time; life is about ups and downs. That is why most people don't speak out whenever they are troubled. I had to go through that process to redefine my life and it gave me a better perspective about life. Things are better for me now and I thank God.”

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