Saturday 2 March 2019

Marriage is not for me - Jaywon

Jaywon who just featured in a new movie, has said he doesn't think marriage is for him even though the singer welcomed a child in 2016.
He said “One of the things I look for when it comes to having a relationship is happiness and being able to manage each other. I don't think I need marriage; all I need is a best friend that we can just be together and understand each other for the rest of our lives, have kids and build an empire together. I feel that when the word marriage comes into the picture, that is when the problem starts. Everybody starts to feel like they have a right and all that, we can just be best friends and be together forever; it is more important than calling it marriage. If it is a partnership, then let it be so, if we can pray, make money and have children together, I don't need any other thing. If I can have all that I am okay; marriage has destroyed a lot of people, I am not married yet because I have yet to find the right woman..I feel if there is no love, we cannot progress. Even in a company if there is no love, the company won't grow. I have been heartbroken many times in the past; ‘ Saro’ my song  is a true life story.” 

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