Tuesday 16 April 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Three)

We are back with the third episode of our latest story Tuesday series which is titled I Married A Prostitute, here is the link to Episode Two which was posted previously. Read episode three below
The next morning we had a little bit of drama, I gave her 30k and told her to give me her account details that I will send the balance to her account, she thought I was trying to play a fast one on her na so she begin rake again. What I was trying to keep from my cousin na him come finally settle am for us.

My cousin was very surprised when he heard that I was going to pay the girl 100k in fact for a very long time he uses that incident to insult me. My cousin was able to bail me out with the remaining 70k, which I balanced him later that day. I have never been the cash carrying guy that was why I didn’t have up to that amount at home but my cousin can carry 500k dey waka about, I don’t just know how he feels comfortable with it, aside from the fact that it’s risky, I feel it is not necessary, when it is not like I will spend the whole 500k at once and even if I was going to, I will use my ATM card to pay.

We settled the girl and we dropped her off as we went to work, one thing she didn’t mention to my cousin was the fact it was only oral s*x I paid 100k for and I was very much happy she didn’t even mention it because my ear for full. Yes, I work in an oil company and my average salary per month is 350k, not forgetting the tips and bribe I also get from some of these oil marketers based on different runs we dey pull for them on a daily, to be honest money wasn’t really an issue for us but my cousin doesn’t like mumu spending which if I think about it now, was what I did that night, ashewo way be say people dey pay 2k, highest 3k na him me I carry 100k give and no be say I sleep with am ooo, na just ordinary oralwell if I am being honest, no be ordinary oral s*x, it was mind blowing, best I ever had.

One weird thing about that week was the fact that I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl, there was just something about her I couldn’t get off my head, we dey board meeting, na her body I dey reason. I remember going to my cousin that Friday, telling him that we should go back to that ashewo joint that I will like to have s*x with the girl again, “you sure say that girl never use jazz for you, you way no fit stand ashewo, now you have a favourite one”, that was his response. I was able to convince him and he agreed one on condition, bills will be on me and that I agreed very much too, I even went as far as saying “if na overnight you won do self, I go pay”.

Next episode next week

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