Tuesday 30 April 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Four)

We continue with our latest story series with the Fourth Episode of I Married A Prostitute but just in case you missed the previous episode you can click here to read. Read episode three four below
Of course there was more to it, aside from the fact that I was willing to go to an ashewo joint not just to have s3x with any of them but to have s3x with a particular girl, my cousin knew something was not right but he is this mind your business kind of guy, so he tagged along with me without asking any questions though at interval he will drop some subtle jabs at me.

There was this shirt I bought some couple of weeks back from one guy who came to sell at the office, a blue long sleeve shirt, which was what I wore. When my cousin saw it he was like “is today your birthday abi na onto this ashewo matter make new wear your Christmas cloth”. I knew he was looking for trouble so I didn’t answer him but that wasn’t the last I heard of his jabs and it even got worst when we returned home.

We got to the ashewo joint at past 9 and as usual my cousin went to select his choice as I was trying to look for the girl. Few girls came to me but I turned them down since they were not the reason why I was there, after 15mins of searching and waiting probably she would come out of her room and she did not, I decided to go to her room myself. As I approach the room, I could hear voices, with the voice of the guy louder than that of the girl, now what I’m about to say would sound silly and funny but believe me that was what I did and come to think of it, it felt like the only thing I could have done back then.

After listening to both of them moan for about a minute, I decided to wait there till they were done, so I sat on the floor facing the door itself. That reminds me, some guys dey try ooo, while sitting, I was still listening to the noise they were making, I mean the guy was really loud and in my head I was like na ashewo this one dey fxxk way him dey shout like this if na him girlfriend nko?. 20 mins later the noise went down though not before one final sound which signified that the guy had released, the guy moaned like cow way car jam. The guy came out sweeting like one of those aboki way dey dig well, with his shirt on his shoulder as he struggle to adjust his trousers while walking. I waited for like two minutes expecting the girl to come out but she didn’t so I went in. The way she was on the bed, she could only hear my footsteps and as I walk in she said “abeg I don close for today”, on hearing that voice I got very much confuse that I had to quickly run out to make sure I was in the right room then I came back in.  “I no come here come fxxk,” I said then she turned to look at me for the very first time.

I could tell she was confuse but not as confuse as I was, I told her the person I was looking for, though I didn’t mention her name because I actually didn’t know her name but from my description and from the way she replied I knew she knew exactly who I was looking for. “She no dey here again, e be like say I know your face self, na u carry am go house last week abi?” she said. I gave a positive answer and asked her if she knew where she is now or how I can get in touch with her. 

She didn’t want to say anything at least not till she was certain the girl wasn’t into any kind of trouble, I finally got her to talk as I made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t in any trouble. “Our oga just open another joint, she dey among the girls way them carry go there”, she said she didn’t have the address, that I will have to ask their manager as she also made it clear that only three of them are old staff as the rest of the girls there are the new ones they brought to replace the ones they took away.  

Next episode next week

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